About Huneety

What is Huneety?

Huneety is a Learning & Development platform helping organisations become better at Learning & Development (L&D). We provide guidance as of which competencies are important to improve in the future, and options to execute impactful learning plans.

What does Huneety mean?

In Huneety, there is a H for human, and of course there is unity, in Huneety. We believe in the positive power of learning. Training and re-skilling teams has the power to create healthier companies, tighter communities and better societies.

Is Huneety a learning supplier?

We don’t supply training courses directly. We see ourselves as a facilitator for HR departments and management to anticipate the future of work and execute impactful development plans.

We also know that companies are inherently different and that only your plan will fit your company. For that, we will provide you with options to design your own plans. To do so, we regularly update and display best-in-class training programs and learning activities available on the market. 

For Human resources department

I can’t find the job position(s) i need on Huneety

You can send us a request with the name of the position(s) you wish to develop.

Huneety team will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.  We typically collect your position(s) requirements before mapping future & main skills, and matching learning activities.

I would like to request for more learning activities

We display a limited number of learning activities on Huneety website for free. If you wish to receive more learning activities for any given competency or job position, contact us  to make an appointment.

Huneety team typically assess your competency requirements during a meeting before proposing learning activities.

I would like to get access to the definitions of each competency

Contact us  to request Huneety competency definitions. Please mention which competencies you are interested in the comment section. We will reach you out within 48 hours.


I want to buy Huneety full Library (job positions, competencies & learning activities)

Contact us to request Huneety full library.

For Individuals willing to learn new skills

I need support to develop skills, boost employability and improve career path

Contact us to make an appointment and detail your inquiry in the comment section. A consulting session will be provided to assess your current situation and your expected skillset according to your career objectives.

Learning activities will be customised according to your development needs.

What is Stretch Assignment?

Stretch assignments are “learning by doing” projects or tasks which are beyond the employee’s current skill level, allowing to “stretch” the employee development. Stretch assignments shall place employees out of their comfort zones so they can learn and grow. A good time to ask a Stretch Assignment is after an Active Learning session, to put skills into practice. Stretch Assignments should be outside of the usual work routine.

Find more information on stretch assignment following this link.

What is Social Learning?

Social Learning are all the activities that involved other people to strengthen your skillset. Learning doesn’t need to come from the top. For example, it can come very naturally to Junior Sales people to use social media to efficiently grow a network of potential customers. In that case, they are probably qualified to teach other members of the organization about their tactics and best practices.

Your organization’s experts are probably a good place to start to get knowledge about particular topics. 

Find more information on social learning on this page.

What is Active Learning?

Active learning activities are formal learning events designed to pass knowledge directly to you. Active learning activities are formal classroom training, e-learning sessions, or the reading of handbook or manual.

Find more information on active learning here.

For Learning providers

I want to promote my classes and learning activities on Huneety

To promote your learning offer on Huneety platform contact us  to make an appointment with Huneety partnership team. 

Why doesn't Huneety promote any "face-to-face" learning activities?

It is our plan to include all types of Learning activities, including academic university curriculum, classroom learning and face-to-face coaching in our Learning & Development platform. We are developing for that purpose a better Activity suggestion engine that will allow you to filter activities in your country or area.

Feel free to contact us to be listed when this new version will go live.