Frequently Asked Questions

About Huneety

What does Huneety mean?

‘Huneety is the Combination of “H” for Humans and “U” for Unity. Our mission is to unite people around skills and bridge the skills gaps of the ever-changing labor market expectations. We believe the power of Learning & Development and Upskilling leads to a more engaged workforce, higher performance outputs, and better societies.

What problem does Huneety solve?

Huneety solves the problem of talent shortage for companies, a global phenomenon that will only get worse in the next 10 years. To help companies remain competitive in the edge of disruption, Huneety makes it possible to :

  1. Map and identifies skills trends from the labor market.
  2. Hire for behaviors: to go beyond the traditional talent supply and find candidates that match the company’s culture and the behavioral requirements for each job role.
  3. Retain with skills: to assess skills gaps and upskill the workforce with Individual development plans.

Who can use Huneety?

Huneety is used by HR, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition, and People Operations teams to improve Employee Retention and Talent Acquisition.

How is Huneety used?

Huneety is used both as a service and as a platform. Our philosophy is to enhance speed and delivery by adapting to our customer’s time and resources constraints. Subscription plans and project-based services are provided to our customers.

What makes Huneety unique?

Huneety mixes HR expertise and Technology to deliver world-class results. We stand out by providing the following capabilities:

  1. Business Partnering & Service approach: Not overloading your HR team with processes or extra work and for fast project turnaround.
  2. Data: Starting from job descriptions and industry data. Our technology allows for an unbiased approach to skills detection.
  3. Customizable solutions: Adapting to your company’s unique skills framework, core competency requirements, and custom assessments for both hiring and retention.
  4. Multilingual: with an emphasis on Asian languages.

About Skills Intelligence Solutions

How does Huneety skills mapping work?

We first start by scoping your industry and competitors and gathering your job titles and job descriptions (Optional) for the analysis. Huneety machine learning crawls for the top skills on the job market, in order to recommend a unique skills mapping for each of your job functions (soft skills + technical skills).

Each mapping is reviewed with HR and Line manager for a final handshake.

How accurate is Huneety skills data?

Huneety uses the latest information from the job market, for any position, in any industry and geography. Huneety machine learning blends the skills data available on job boards together with Huneety skills taxonomy, which helps detect keywords, skills, and sub-skills among thousands of job descriptions.

What is a skill taxonomy?

A taxonomy is a classification system that allows the hierarchization of several levels of information. A skills Taxonomy allows the company to organize and strategize the required Competencies and Skills to run certain functions or the entire business.

Click here to learn more about skills taxonomies.

What is the difference between a skill and a competency?

A skill is the capacity that an individual must have to perform a job, role, function, task, or duty. Because they are fine-grained, skills can be validated by assessment and professional certifications. Example: The skill “Photoshop” is the capacity someone may have at using the software Photoshop. Such skill can be validated by a professional certification provided by Adobe.

A competency is the combined utilization of abilities, skills, and knowledge to effectively solve a business problem. Competencies form the basis for measuring the workforce capabilities in the organization.
Example: The competency “Objection handling” may include a set of skills such as active listening, critical thinking, and communication.

What do I get with Huneety skills Intelligence solutions?

For every skills mapping request, you get :

  1. A unique mapping of the position’s technical skills and soft skills relative to your industry and geography .
  2. A Definition for each competency group
  3. KPIs suggestions include a definition and a formula for each competency identified.
  4. A Review check with your HR or line manager to finalize the mapping.

The skills data provided by Huneety helps to build your company’s unique skills taxonomy and focus your Hiring and Learning and Development priorities.

How to use skills data provided by Huneety?

You can use the skills data provided by Huneety for:

  1. Talent Acquisition: Write skills-driven job descriptions and focus candidates’ assessments on the soft skills requirements for the role.
  2. Upskilling and retention: Know where your gaps are (who needs development, who are your experts, where should you focus your learning and development efforts, etc); and craft Individual Development plans to bridge the skills gaps, and engage your workforce.

Can I import Huneety data into my main HRIS?

Yes, we make it easy to import Huneety skills data through CSV or excel format directly from the platform to your main HRIS system.

How do I get started to build a skills taxonomy?

To start building a skills taxonomy, we recommend focusing on your top priorities. Here are examples of recurring priorities:

– Investing in a new Business Unit: What skills and what positions should we recruit?

– Acquisition of a new HRIS: Where is the competency framework or skills library to feed the system?

– Functional competency project of the workforce: How to map the technical skills required of each business unit?

– Retention of high performers: What skills do high performers need to fill their current and succession planning positions?

Contact us to discuss your skills taxonomy project.

About Huneety Upskilling and Learning Solutions

Is Huneety an LMS?

No, Huneety is not a Learning Management System (LMS) and does not host learning content. Huneety :

  1. Maps skills
  2. Assesses skills
  3. Visualizes skills gaps in your organization with skills analytics
  4. Bridges the gaps with IDPs.

We accelerate “skills to learning” through automation. Huneety aggregates and links learning activities online with your skills framework allowing you to match your internal and external learning to the skills.

How does Huneety helps with retention?

To retain employees, Huneety maps the skills of current and future positions (career paths). Huneety assessments help you visualize what the exact skills gaps are, to fulfill career path requirements.

For each skill gap identified, Huneety crafts IDPs according to the 70/20/10 method. IDPs help engage employees with on-the-job activities, social learning as well formal learning and monitor their execution until the career path is met.

How does Huneety assess the skills of the workforce?

Huneety uses 360-degree feedback to assess the skills of the workforce, for both soft skills and technical skills requirements. Although we can adapt the assessment method such as Line manager assessment, 180 assessments etc; the 360 assessment method is recommended to get unbiased results, and the most reliable data.

Huneety’s platform automatically consolidates the results of the assessments and generates reports to support decision-making.

Click here to learn more about 360-degree feedback.

What is an IDP?

To put it simply, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an action plan that supports competency development. The ultimate objective of an IDP is to assist employees in achieving their career objectives on time. IDPs that perform are aligned with the 70/20/10 principle. Huneety uses the 70/20/10 principles to bridge the skill gaps of the workforce.

Click here to learn more about IDPs.

What is Huneety Competency review process?

We perform the following steps in 5 weeks.

  1. Mapping the skills required for each role in your organization. We perform skills mapping using labor market data and your existing competency framework (if existing), and help you perform career pathing according to your job infrastructure.
  2. Launching assessments. We launch, follow up, and consolidate the results in our platform so that you can have reliable data and results.
  3. Visualizing the skills gaps of your workforce with skills analytics dashboard (skills gaps, individual priorities to develop or promote, mapping of your experts etc)
  4. Bridging the gaps with IDPs: Performing IDPs using the 70/20/10 method.

What outputs and deliverables do I get?

For any competency review project, you get:

  1. Your Competency framework and skills taxonomy: Every job position mapped in the platform comes with competency definitions and suggestions of SMART KPIs (with definitions and formulas)
  2. Individual Assessment reports: Summarizing the strengths and areas of improvement of your staff and the skills gaps to cover for the current positions and career paths
  3. Skills analytics dashboard: Summarizing your skills data and the results from the assessments (visualization of the skills gaps, individual priorities to develop or promote, mapping of your experts, etc)
  4. Individual Development Plans with actionable 70/20/10 suggestions to bridge the skills gaps of your subordinates.

How do I get started with Huneety Upskilling & Learning?

Let’s start with a pilot to address your retention priorities. From skills mapping, assessment and IDPs, we deliver the full value of Huneety Upskilling and learning solutions within 5 weeks. The most recurring priorities are the retention of “high performers” and “high potentials” and the assessment of the Leadership competencies in the company.

Contact us to discuss your pilot project.

About Behavior Assessment Platform

What are Huneety behavioral assessments used for?

Huneety behavioral assessments help to analyze the candidate’s on-the-job behaviors before they join your organization. In an era of talent shortage, Huneety behavioral assessments help to go beyond the traditional talent supply to find talents that will stick to your organization.

What are the main benefits of using Huneety behavior assessments for hiring?

– Save time in the recruitment process and interview candidates that meet the role’s expected behavior requirements
– Remove bias from the hiring process so recruiters can only shortlist the most qualified candidates.
– Maximize ROI with better behavior predictability (and avoid dropouts during the probation period!)

Behavior assessment reports highlight strengths and potential weaknesses so both recruiters and the hiring manager can enquire about them during the interview. Each report comes with a structured interview questions to support recruiters and line managers in the interview process.

What is the validity of Huneety assessments?

Huneety assessments analyze behaviors and personality traits according to the Big 5. The Big Five is the only psychometric test and personality model that reaches a scientific consensus in personality psychology. Click here to learn more about the big 5.

How to use Huneety Behavior assessment?

We recommend using Huneety assessments before the first interview with the hiring managers. Huneety behavioral assessment for hiring is best used as a pre-screening tool, in order to save time in the recruitment process and only interview the candidates who match the behavior requirements. For example, you may send the assessment to 20 talents from your talent pool and focus the interview on the top 5.

How to recruit for culture fit?

Huneety Behavior assessments can be used to evaluate candidates against the company’s core values requirements. We can design your company’s unique assessment, according to your core values and core competencies. Such assessments are also called “culture fit” assessments. In which case, these assessments can be provided to all candidates, no matter the position, seniority, and responsibility they hold in the company. It offers the insurance that each candidate has the required attitude and behavior that matches the company’s culture.

Example of company core values, or core competencies :
– Customer orientation
– Creativity
– Passion for results

How much effort is it to set up Huneety?

Huneety does not require prior training to get started. You can send out assessments from day one and start visualizing reports right away.

Click here to get started.

How many users or assessments can be included in Huneety subscription?

Huneety subscription offers unlimited use of assessment. In addition, we do not make a difference if your recruitment team is composed of 2 or 20 people. You can send unlimited assessments, for unlimited team members.