Skill Mapping A.I. Assistant 🪄

It’s time to map your organization’s skillset with A.I.

Mapping the skills
of a full organization
can be a daunting task

Building a competency/skill framework is the foundation for understanding skills at your organization… but rolling it out to the full width of your organization can become both a time-consuming and challenging task.

Indeed, connecting hundreds of job descriptions to your skill taxonomy requires in-depth knowledge of the system to produce a consistent mapping output, sometimes requiring the training of multiple personnel on the details of your framework.


Make skill mapping
easy & fast

Let Huneety A.I. Skill Mapping Assistant learn from your taxonomy and extract the skillset from any job description. It will immediately identify the right skills in any job and offer you a curated selection. This not only speeds up your project timeline but allows managers in your organization to take part in skill mapping efforts.

Skills analytics at your fingertips 👌🏾

Visualize skill gaps

With the Competencies and Skills identified, you are set for the next step: understanding where you should focus your L&D efforts. Visualize which skills matter in your organization. Analyze skill gaps at entity, department or individual levels.

Design personalized
development paths

Once a position’s requirements have been set, you are able to benchmark it with the skills of any employee.

Plan into the future with the use of the Career Development view. You are now able to spot skill-gaps of employees vs. their future positions. Let’s start developing your teams!

Make your skill revolution. Get started.

Are you ready to make your company skill-focused?

Let’s get started with a 30mn meeting to understand your project and give you an overview of what our platform can do for your company. Benefit from a free department mapping to see it in action.