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Recruiting PT Warna’s Manufacturing and Customer service workforce with Huneety Predictive behavior assessments


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About PT. Warna Agung

 PT. Warna Agung is a paint manufacturer based in Indonesia, which was founded in 1969. Over time, Pt warna has expanded its distribution network with branch offices in Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, Surabay, and Lampung and 2 manufacturing facilities in Indonesia. 



Company size

200 people


Jakarta, Indonesia

Use cases

Manufacturing workers and customer service Hiring

Products & Services

Huneety behavior assessment platform

Looking for an agile solution to predict candidates’ behavior before they get the job

PT. Warna was looking for a behavior assessment platform to ease the selection of their manufacturing and customer service workforce. Because the recruitment activity of PT Warna is seasonal, the HR management team desired to opt for a solution allowing monthly subscriptions, to better adapt to recruitment activity peaks. In addition, their desire was to get a solution that would help rank and predict candidates’ behaviors according to the soft skills attributes of their roles, such as Customer orientation, Being reliable, Problem-solving, or Collaboration, and Teamwork.

Integrating PT Warna’s recruitment partners into Huneety Plus Subscription 

Sending Unlimited assessment with Huneety Plus: The unlimited subscription allowed PT. Warna quickly evaluates its talent pool of Manufacturing workers and Customer Service workforce and hires its best talents in a matter of days.

Integrating PT Warna recruitment partners into the Huneety app to deliver fast results: PT. Warna was able to share its recruitment workspace with 2 of its historical recruitment partners (recruitment agencies).  Huneety sharing feature allowed PT Warna’s recruitment partners to send unlimited assessments, collaborate easily, share results, and quickly act on the best candidates to hire. 

Decreasing time to hire by 60%

Using Huneety behavior assessments helped to focus rapidly on the top candidates to hire. Instead of interviewing the top 20 candidates in the talent pool for each hiring project, PT Warna could focus on the top 5 shortlisted with Huneety behavior assessments. On top of it, the efficient integration with PT. Warna recruitment partners significantly contributed to improving the time to hire.

HR Leaders say it better

Huneety helped us decrease our time to hire by 60%, focusing on our best candidates while enhancing our recruitment process

—Fany johan Permana
Head of HR

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