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About Siegwerk

Siegwerk is a global German ink for packaging manufacturer operating since 1830. Siegwerk employs a total of 5,000 employees in more than 30 countries worldwide. Their Southeast Asia Centers of Excellence are located in Thailand and Indonesia. Their philosophy: “responsibility, open-mindedness, foresight and dedication” forms the basis of their success worldwide.



Company size

SEA – 500+ people
Global – 5000+ people


Thailand and Indonesia

Use cases

High potential
Career development planning

Products & Services

Huneety Skills management platform
Huneety Competency Review Services (30 talents)

Rolling out a regional competency project without the workload

Siegwerk had launched a talent program to retain its workforce in key strategic positions according to its succession planning priorities.  Besides having an existing HRIS system self-maintained by the HR team, Siegwerk was looking for an efficient and affordable solution to roll out a regional competency assessment program in a matter of weeks, without adding any additional workload to the internal HR team.

From skills mapping to upskilling

The Skills Mapping: Huneety mapped the skills required for current positions and future career development positions using a mix of skills data and Siegwerk’s core competency framework.

The rollout: Huneety centralized the competency assessment process by collecting assessors, launching questionnaires, and consolidating of the assessment results into individual reports).

The delivery: Huneety generated and distributed individual skills gaps report to management, then built personalized Development Plans to bridge the gaps in career path positions.

Mixing HR expertise & Data to deliver results

Huneety agile skills management system made it possible to validate each skills mapping (mixing existing competency framework + skills data) with each line manager. As a result, Siegwerk was able to harmonize its new competency framework and perform career pathing for each job family across the region.

Once assessments were performed by each participant, Huneety platform auto consolidated the equivalent of 4,000 data points automatically in the platform. Each report was debriefed by a Huneety learning expert: Besides the debriefing of each 360 reports, each talent was provided an Individual Development plan to bridge the gaps according to the 70/20/10 method.

In addition, Huneety provided Siegwerk with a skills analytics dashboard which was presented by a Huneety learning expert to Siegwerk’s Global HQ. The analytics provided were used to strategize skills development priorities as well as the learning roadmap for the year to come. Data provided did not only include skills gaps but also individuals on track with opportunities, experts, and blind spots for each participant.

HR Leaders say it better

Huneety not only helped us develop our future leaders self-awareness about their capabilities, but also coach our managers and provided a roadmap for  Individual Development Plans in the company.

—Tussanee Leevongwat,
Head of HR, SEA

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