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Founded in 1853 in Neuhansen, Switzerland, SIG combibloc is a leading  is the leading packaging solutions provider for a more sustainable world. SIG thrives to bring food products to consumers around the world in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way. Their commitment to delivering “Excellence – Engineered. Solutions – Delivered” is a promise that captures the essence of SIG and its capabilities.


Packaging & Processing

Company size

Global – 5,500


Regional Asian Headquarter based in Bangkok, Thailand

Use cases

Upskilling of After sales engineering teams

Products & Services

Huneety Upskilling platform (Competency Mapping)
Huneety skills gaps assessments (360 assessment method)

Assessing the skills gaps of SIG’s technical workforce in APAC

SIG was looking for an efficient way to assess the technical skills of its regional technical after-sales workforce. The objective was to transition from a heavy manual system referencing hundreds of machines, skills, and assessment results, into a digitized system allowing to easily spot the skills gaps of the technical workforce at one glance, for any type of machine in the region, job position, and geography.

Mapping machine competencies
to roll out SIG’s technical skills assessment program 

Streamlining SIG technical skills taxonomy: Huneety rationalized SIG’s technical skills library, by linking technical skills to a new simplified machine taxonomy. As a result, each machine and equipment were considered as a competency group, each gathering a unique set of technical skills. The new framework was imported into Huneety L&D module to simplify the deployment of:

  • Technical skills mapping to any type of machine, job positions, and geography.
  • Skills assessments to job position holders in Thailand, Indonesia, and India.

Delivering technical skills assessments fast while removing bias: Huneety deployed technical skills assessments in Indonesia, India, and Thailand in a matter of 2 weeks. To remove bias, the assessment method chosen was the 360, resulting in more qualitative and reliable data.

Analyzing skills gaps to focus on Learning & Development: As a result of the assessment, Huneety delivered SIG’s skills analytics to support decisions on learning and development. The skills data provided helped to strategize learning and development with the following insights:

  • Upskilling priorities: Wich individual is a priority target for development, and on which specific machine and skillset?
  • Top technical competency gaps per machine (competency group) and technical skills gaps.
  • Technical Experts: People who can be used to pass critical knowledge and expertise to others.
  • Blind spots: Individuals for which feedback is necessary to be given in order to align their own perception with the average results of the assessment.

Laying out the foundations of SIG’s technical skills initiatives in APAC

Huneety worked in a close partnership with SIG’s Head of training Asia Pacific in order to build SIG technical skills taxonomy through iterations and testing on Huneety Learning & Development platform. This collaboration resulted in a reliable and scalable framework to support the upskilling of SIG’s technical workforce in the region.

The skills assessment provided by Huneety not only allowed to visualize skills gaps and learning priorities, but also to instill a data-driven mindset to make people development decisions with data.

Training leaders say it better


Huneety helped us to measure the skills of our technical service team, highlighting upksilling priorities  to rollout focused and relevant training programs in the region.

—Piri Crooks,
Head of Technical Training Asia Pacific South

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