Competency Review Service ★★★★

Validate the skills of your employees, uncover your organization’s skills gaps. 

Identify what it takes to perform and where your team stands. 

Do your employees have the required skill level to deliver on their mission? Are they fit to climb to their next career step? Assessing skills may seem easy on the surface. However, each position requires a unique set of behaviors and skills.  In order to clarify whether your employees are equipped to perform their roles, Huneety has developed a Competency Review Service that actually measures the skills at your company.

Smarter management with Skills Data

Fair assessment
to develop self-awareness

Huneety uses collective intelligence to pool reviews that go beyond self or manager assessments. This allows for a fair and unbiased discussion with your employee, to help develop real self-awareness about development opportunities.

Prioritize Training efforts
where they matter

Too many eLearning or internal training opportunities, too little time. Create individual development plans focused on your employees’ development needs, get ROI for their learning time, and create a curated learning path.

Beyond individuals:
get organization analytics

The sum of a group of individual reviews unleashes organizational insight. Get a bird-eye view on the state of skills in your organization, helping you to derive strategic skills decisions on your strengths and skill gaps.

Full-service Competency Reviews
enabled by technology

We prepare
Skills mapping

Each position has a different mission and requires a different set of behaviors and skills to perform. Huneety uses Big Data to create a precise mapping of 8-12 competencies and subskills required. We then perform a handshake with department managers to validate mapping and set the expertise level required.

For each position, you will receive a detailed mapping with Competencies (including definitions), Skills and a list of suggested KPIs. If your company already maintains a Skills framework, we may import it for you and use your Skills instead.

We roll out fair

Bridge the gap between what employees think of themselves and how they are perceived by others. Huneety will coordinate the roll out of assessments on behalf of your HR team. Collect multiply sources of feedback to help employees get a fair and well-balanced view of themselves. Leverage your organization’s internal ecosystem, using Line Managers, peers, experts, project leaders (up to 360° and 10 participants) to assess the skills of your talents.

Huneety delivers all the reviewers’ feedback in platform in a single anonymous report and highlights potential skill gaps and suggestions of blended Learning IDPs. Our reports help employees develop self-awareness, patience about career development and overall promote a transparent skills-driven reward culture at your company.

We deliver
actionable insight

Huneety offers various options to HR departments to debrief and generate sustainable change following the delivery of reports. For internal change, Huneety Learning Experts can support the debriefing of reports with your HR team, managers or employees. We can also deliver custom-made suggestion of Individual Development Plans that suits each of your talent skill-gaps. We go beyond E-learning by promoting a 70/20/10 approach with Social Learning and Stretch assignment projects..

On top of individual debriefing and Individual Development Plans, Huneety will give access to your consolidate organization analytics, so you can view can understand the skills gaps of your organization as a whole.

Who in your team

can benefit from Competency Reviews

individuals with career paths

In the case of individuals with Career paths, the Review will feature both the Competencies of the current position and the suitable Career development skills. This allows assessing whether or not the individual is ready for a career move or which skills should be consolidated before that.

Leadership & Management

Huneety can customize the Competencies required to feature in priority Leadership behaviors and skills, enabling your organization to get a smart picture of the maturity of the management skills of your current and future leaders.

Sales & Customer Service

Sales and Customer Services positions are particularly complex as they require a balance of social and strategic behaviors, as well as hard skills such as product knowledge and, increasingly, the use of tech tools. Huneety supports all of that with a balanced assessment using competencies that fit your organization.

Make your skill revolution, without the workload.

Delivered as-a-service

Huneety Competency review is delivered as-a-service: no workload on your team. Our Skills Experts will take over the Skills Mapping, handshake with managers and roll out of Assessments as a 6-week project.

Multi-language capabilities

Need to assess teams that are not fluent in English? Huneety can deliver its competency framework and assessments in local languages such as Thai or Indonesian. Consult us for more language compatibility.

Great value

Speed up your skills journey with a mapping, assessment, and receive suggestions of KPIs and Learning at a fair cost. Our Competency Review packages start at 100 USD per individual. Consult us to get a quote and report example.

Schedule your demo and receive an example of report