How to write a job advertisement that really performs in 2023 – Ultimate guide

How to write a job advertisement that really performs in 2023 – Ultimate guide

As a recruiter, your top priority is to attract and recruit top talent for your organization. To do so, you need to create job advertisements that perform well to capture the attention of potential candidates. 

Writing job ads in the era of A.I 

We are in 2023. Gone are the days when job advertisements are manually written from scratch. As a matter of fact, writing job ads manually is time-consuming and often performs poorly.

But here is the good news: A.I tools are now helping recruiters speed up the delivery of well-crafted job descriptions. At Huneety we have analyzed over 1000 job descriptions written by Humans and compared the results (both in terms of style and content). Although A.I written job ads are delivering more consistent results, relying on A.I alone is not enough to craft a job ad that stands out. Job advertisements must be carefully reviewed by the recruiter to ensure the responsibilities of the role and the main selling points of the role are consistent with what the organization wants to promote. 

A recruiter should not simply be writing job ads, but job ads that perform! 

Key facts about job ads that perform 

-       51% of the candidates are more attracted to job ads that contain visual elements. 

-       Shorter job ads gather 8.4% more applications per view than the average.

-       Job posting with embedded videos improves the rate of applications by 34% 

-       Get 75% more applications if you mention the salary package.

-       Social media helps in recruiting 82% of passive job seekers.

So yes, In 2023, it is not all about the text, but it is about the content and the visual cues to attract candidates. 

Reminder: A job description is not a job ad  

A job description is an internal document used by the HR department, hiring managers and employees as an overview of the role (and often linked to the organization’s employee performance system, internal skills library, and Learning & Development system). The Hiring manager is the owner of the job description, not HR! 

 A job ad is an external document formulated by the HR department, especially the recruitment team to publish the role to job seekers in a compelling manner with the objective to stand out from other job descriptions. It highlights the key requirements of the job and highlights what makes the job attractive (why you should apply as a candidate). 

3 Digital Tools that help you deliver quality job ads 

1.  SEO tool

Do you want to draft ads that rank well on Google? We have seen a lot of job ads. The least performing are the ones with fancy titles that no one understands, or too generic job titles such as 

  • Operations staff
  • Project Manager
  •  Coordinator 

What you should do instead: 

1)    Have a quick look at SEO volume and ensure job titles match market volume search. 

2)    Write engaging headlines: This is how you will get job seekers to click on your ads. Here is an example of a job ad with a catchy headline :

“We are not looking for job seekers. We want changemakers!”

Optimize your ads for SEO: The talent acquisition field is moving fast. To outperform your reach in the candidate market, the HR team should collaborate closely with the marketing department. If you have access to the back end of your site, try this. Otherwise, work with your marketing department to optimize your content accordingly. 

Tip :  For starters, we recommend using SEO tools like ubbersuggest to analyze the traffic of your job ads.

2.  Huneety A.I JD Generator 

Focus your job where it matters the most: Driving engagement with your targeted audience and let A.I help you. 

At Huneety, we are integrating A.I to automate job descriptions. We also include a “rework function” so you can easily change the tone and style of the job ads. We also provide auto-translation features to localize job descriptions. Fast and easy, you can try it here for free. 

3.      Use an Image/video editor to relay job ads as job postings

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, 51% of the candidates are more attracted to job ads that contain visual elements. This is where recruiters should focus their attention: create more compelling ads, that are more visual and that convey the employer brand more effectively. 

We recommend using free tools such as Canva or Pixlr for image editing. The no-code interface allows anyone to create a polished job posting.  

Here is an example of the job ad : 

Mandatory items in a job advertisement

 Many articles about job advertisements exist on the internet. We have summarized in order of priority the mandatory requirements that a job advertisement should include: 

  • The company name 
  • Employment type (Permanent / Part-time / Freelance etc). 
  • An attractive job title 
  • The location of the role (if applicable)
  • A job mission introduction (this is where you should list the main selling points of the organization and the role). 
  • The key job responsibilities 
  • The necessary qualifications and skills required for the role
  • The salary range & Key benefits for the role

8 Tips to write effective job ads 

1. Understand the KEY requirements of the job 

 1st rookie mistake: going into editing mode without understanding the key requirements of the job. Grasp the key essential duties first, follow our method summarized here: 

Avoid listing general duties such as: “Generate new sales opportunities”. Instead, go for something like “Actively prospect key decision makers using own network, CRM, and attend to regional roadshows”. 

To do so, you need to spend some time with the hiring manager. During the discussion ensure that you understand the key items from the job description and highlight the key elements that should be highlighted in the job advertisement. 

 To support your discussions with your hiring manager team, we got you covered with our open job description library templates. Click here to consult our job description library template

2. List the selling points of the job and the company 

 We usually dislike the term “selling” in job ads, as it may sound unauthentic and fake. However, list out the true arguments that make the job and your organization outstanding, such as: 

-       Work in a multicultural team with 10+ nationalities 

-       Culture of accountability and unlimited time off 

Remember this: You are not overselling if the arguments you advance in the job description are true facts, lived by employees within the inside of your organization. 

 You can compile these arguments and blast your true value proposition to the candidates. 

To do this: Talk to the employees, newcomers and managers and gather the strengths of the team/company.

 3. Write Compelling job ad titles and job missions to increase the conversion rate

 You compete for attention: make your job title stand out on job boards to draw more clicks, and highlight what sets you apart in the title. 

 Use clear and concise language that accurately reflects the position and the level of responsibility. Avoid vague titles that do not provide any indication of the role or responsibilities. 

Here’s an example of a headline that incorporates all of the above elements: 

Entry-Level Executive Assistant – High Growth Potential

It names the job, conveys that it’s a junior-level position, and alludes to the idea that there’s an opportunity for the right candidate to grow with the company.

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who take a desired action, such as clicking on an ad or applying. Typically, the rate ranges between 1 and 2%. With an optimal rate of 2%, out of 10,000 people, there will be 200 click-throughs and only four applicants. To increase the number of applicants, a catchy headline is necessary.

 Job mission: Here you need to place the selling point of the 1) Team 2) Organization and 3) Values. Do not list them in the end. The job mission is the main header where you can include the unique value proposition of the job & organization. 

4. Pick and choose the key job requirements and focus on the skills required

The job requirements section is an essential part of the job advertisement. It provides potential candidates with a clear understanding of what the job entails. Use bullet points to break down the requirements into easy-to-read sections. .

Use 10 bullet points max for your job descriptions. 

Examples of skills required : hard skills and soft skills for the job position. 

5. Highlight the key benefits that make your company stand out! 

Great benefits are not all about money. Besides traditional benefits (provident fund, health insurance, bonus etc).  Benefits are about the workplace, colleagues, and the way people interact at work. 

We see a lot of companies selling work from home as “flexibility”. Keep in mind that flexibility is about the autonomy you provide to the employees, not just about the ability to work remotely. 

This being said you should definitely highlight if your company is adopting a hybrid, fully remote, or full onsite work setup. 

If you do not have this, you are missing top talents.

In addition, here are examples of original perks that attract top talents :

-       Monthly gym membership offered 

-       Wellbeing vouchers 

-       Standing desk

-       Sleep pods 

-       Game rooms 

-       Agile Fridays 

-       Paid Sabbaticals 

-       Tuition reimbursements 

-       Travel discounts 

-       Eldercare service 

-       On-site daycare

6. Re-evaluate traditional job advertisement requirements when it’s hard to hire. 

Whatever the industry sector you are hiring for, talents are scarce. Below is a list of traditional requirements we see in job descriptions that you should consider removing to improve your talent pipeline: 

  • Industry-specific experience requirements 
  • Geography specific requirements 
  • Educational experience 
  • Years of experience and seniority

Your job ads should address all groups regardless of gender, religion, seniority, and background. This not only helps to increase diversity in the workplace but also helps to tap into a pool of skilled and talented individuals who may not have been considered otherwise.

Click here on how to avoid discrimination in job ads.

7. Review and ensure the ad is attention-grabbing. 

 Now it is all about the format and the style.  

  • Avoid using Your company’s internal jargon and terms that only internal employees will understand 
  •  Use a conversational tone: Write as if you were talking in simple terms. Job advertisements that use a conversational tone tend to perform better than those that use formal language.
  • Add videos or images that reflect the company values.  

8. Provide clear instructions on how to apply with a CTA

 Make it easy for potential candidates to apply for the position by providing clear instructions on how to apply. Include information on where to send the application, what materials to include, and any specific instructions or requirements. 

Make sure to also provide a deadline for applications. Finally, include a call to action that encourages potential candidates to apply for the position. Use language that is action-oriented and encourages candidates to take action. For example, "Apply now to join our team" or "Don't miss this opportunity to work with a dynamic and growing organization."

That’s it! You are set to publish your job ads on your company’s recruiting channels. If you wish to draft an effective job advertisement for your company, check out Huneety free A.I job description builder. 

About Huneety 

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