Supply Chain Analyst

Hafele (Thailand) Ltd. (Prakanong)
Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭
HÄFELE (Thailand) Limited is one of the subsidiaries of the Hafele Holding GmbH, which was established in 1994 to support the market growth of furniture fittings and architectural hardware along with top class alliances in the business field of construction, furniture and property trading as well with trading partners and dealers in Thailand.

This job is not recruiting candidates anymore.
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About this position

Supply Chain Analyst position


• Monitor and collect data on current operations, including scheduling, sourcing, warehousing, production and delivery.
• Assess a company's processes and inventory, then use that data to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
• Gather data on each step within the supply chain, using it to recommend changes to reduce costs.
• Improve reporting in Qlikview to make alignment with Global (SAP & ORION).
• Create performance reports for management to review.
• Investigate pain points within the process and develop solutions to resolve conflicts and inefficiencies.
• Communicate with other departments within the organization to identify efficiency issues, develop solutions and implement changes.
• Project assignment.


• Bachelor's degree in business management, Industrial engineering, Logistics, Supply Chain Management.
• At least 2 years experience in analyst and supply chain management.
• Interpersonal communication skill.
• Good commands of Excel, Power BI.