Huneety's July Virtual Fair set to unlock Thailand's top sales talents

Huneety's July Virtual Fair set to unlock Thailand's top sales talents

Facilitating employment of qualified sales professionals across all industries

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The demand for sales professionals is remaining strong in Thailand in 2024, yet companies are grappling with a shortage of qualified young talents to fill these roles. According to Huneety's labor market data, there were 20,000 job openings in sales during the last quarter alone.

In alignment with its commitment to tackle Thailand's talent scarcity, Huneety is gearing up to launch the 2nd edition of its virtual fair in July 2024, aiming to bridge the gap between thousands of job seekers and companies seeking sales professionals. This initiative seeks to enhance the country's competitiveness, benefiting both local firms and international entities leveraging Thailand as a hub for their services and products. The virtual fair is addressed to all companies regardless of their industry sector in order to reach a maximum impact. 

Designed to facilitate employment of young graduates and entry level professionals, Huneety will provide its platform to connect job seekers seeking for sales job functions, with hiring organisations throughout the month of July.

Pre-screening thousands sales applicants according to soft skills to ensure a fair access to job opportunities

Due to the limited experience of young professionals, there will be a particular focus on soft skills. Huneety will utilize its behavior assessment platform to ensure that every applicant receives equitable consideration for each job opportunity. The following soft skills, identified as the most "in demand" across thousands of job descriptions on the market : 

Contract management
Contract Management
Contract Terms
Digital Selling
Digital Sales
Social Selling
Virtual Selling
Growth Strategies
Business Development
Customer Acquisition
Growth Strategies
Sales presentations
Product Demonstration
Sales Pitch
Sales Presentations
Communicating information
Asking the right questions
Influencing and persuading others
Closing deals
Leading win-win discussions
Relationship Building
Growing network and relationships
Nurturing long term relationships

“When it comes to hiring sales professionals, focusing on soft skills brings numerous advantages. These skills are crucial for building strong relationships with customers and closing deals. Soft skills can compensate for the absence of sales history by showing employers that they have the attitude and abilities to excel in the role. Moreover, these skills are transferable across various industries and situations, making them valuable assets for long-term career growth. By prioritising soft skills in hiring, companies can cultivate a team of sales professionals who are not only capable but also adaptable and ready to succeed in any scenarios.”

Simon Carvi - CEO of Huneety.  

A virtual sourcing campaign to enhance mass hiring of Thailand’s sales professionals

To help young graduates stand out to employers, no mandatory CV requirements will be imposed to applicants. Instead, students will be asked to optionally submit their resume and complete a brief online behaviour assessment using their mobile devices on the Huneety platform. To ensure hiring companies can maximise their hiring campaign, the hiring process will be tailored to Gen Z applicants on the Huneety platform. During the fair, participants won't have any onsite commitments, giving them the freedom to fully participate in the hiring processes of the companies they are selected for. 

Using social media platforms will boost visibility to over 1 million people in Bangkok. Huneety will also collaborate with universities, institutions, and chambers of commerce to spread the word about the event to their student networks.

Supporting Talent matching with Huneety AI Matching platform

Huneety will facilitate the mass collection of candidates' resumes and match them to suitable jobs. Huneety A.I matching platform will suggest to each student jobs relevant to their desired job expectations accross all possible industries. The platform is designed to eliminate bias and ensure fair recruitment practices, providing equal access to job opportunities. Huneety's philosophy for hiring young graduates is 'Hire for behavior, train for skills.' The platform will assist recruiting companies in mapping their soft skills requirements, enabling them to effectively prioritise the shortlisting of candidates based on desired behaviors. 

Companies interested to use Huneety AI Talent Matching platform to hire young graduates can contact our team at [email protected]