Experts Identification ๐Ÿง™

Huneety helps you identify the experts within your company

Do you know the top experts
in your company on any topic?

If only your company knew
what it knows!

As organizations grow and become more complex, it can become a challenge for companies to actually know who are the leading experts on a particular topic.ย  This results in a huge loss of opportunity for mentoring new talents and spreading knowledge across the organization. Start your talent journey by mapping your experts.

Map your champions
and leverage their strengths ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ

Skill mapping
at the speed of light

Huneety allows organizations to quickly map the skills required for any position and assign them an expertise level. This helps your organization to have a global view on skill availability in the company, and quickly identify experts on any topic. It will also help you identify junior profiles that require upskilling, and put your experts to good mentoring use!


How do you know your champions are really the best?ย  Thanks to Huneety, you may peer review the expertise level of an individual by sending a quick feedback survey to third parties. Looking for feedback on leadership skills? Looking for feedback on technical knowledge? Leverage other champions and stakeholders for a peer review.

Make your skill revolution. Get started.

Are you ready to make your company skill-focused?

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