FAQ about Huneety

FAQ about Huneety

About us

What does Huneety mean?

There is a H for human, and of course there is unity, in Huneety. We believe in the positive power of learning. Training and re-skilling teams has the power to create healthier companies, tighter communities and better societies.

Is Huneety a training supplier?

We see ourselves as a partner for both HR department and top management to facilitate the execution of their L&D plans. We don’t supply training courses directly. We facilitate the sourcing of suppliers by benchmarking several offers. We can also support your company in going further by measuring Return On Investment (ROI), or help you to formalize and budget an L&D plan.

Do we need to organize a physical meeting before getting started?

Depending on the project scope (maturity of your project needs, number of employees enrolled, complexity, budget), we may require to meet your RH department and/or some of the project stakeholders (like managers) to draw a more precise picture of your needs. For repeating customers or simpler projects, a phone call can sometimes be sufficient.

Why do you collect an initial fee before projects start?

To kickstart your projects, we will collect a small fee. This allow us to make sure your company is committed to finding a supplier and that your HR department is on board with the project.

How we work

Why should my company use your service?

We help you save Time : Huneety makes the grinding work on your behalf. We help your HR team save valuable time to focus on HR Business partnering.

We are committed to mach your Quality standards : Huneety understands your Learning & Development project and source the right providers to match your business needs. We extend your L&D capabilities through out of the box learning solutions and ROI measurement.

We help you improve your decision making process : We support your decision making process and comply with your internal procurement requirements. We providing a shortlist of 3 selected providers matching your objectives. You’ll get the benchmark you need to make the right decision.

How long does a sourcing project usually take?

On average our sourcing projects, from requirement gathering to the delivery of the benchmark, take between 2 to 3 weeks. Huneety teams have access to a proprietary growing database of companies and coaches in several countries to help you source your project in the best delay. We will also try to offer more innovative suggestions to help you think outside the box, which may require further research.

What happens once Huneety has provided me with a supplier benchmark?

You may select one or more providers from our shortlist. If you wish to meet the supplier face to dace, Huneety will facilitate the meeting so you can have full confidence to support your decision.

How do you measure ROI?

First we will take time to deeply understand your requirements and expectations. We will then consolidate that information and provide the selected supplier a specific framework  to follow in oder to measure and report your project ROI.