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Solutions Selling Assessment

About this assessment

This behavioral assessment helps to benchmark candidates for B2B Sales roles. Learn about the selling style of candidates and how they deal with customers needs. Results available as candidates benchmark table or individual report to be share to hiring manager.

Behaviors tested

Influencing and persuading others
Active Listening
Synthesizing information
Asking the right questions
Nurturing long term relationships
Establishing rapport and building trust
Growing network and relationships
Closing deals
Leading win-win discussions


20 minutes

Total questions

60 questions

Supported languages

🇬🇧 English
🇹🇭 ไทย
🇮🇩 Indonesia

What skills are required to sell B2B solutions?

Unlike most B2C products, B2B solutions come in complex shapes which take time to refine. A B2B salesperson may be required to sell complex CRM software, a custom production line in a factory, or draft a deal imagining a new business model for the maintenance of aircraft engines, the possibilities are endless!

All B2B solutions come with an overwhelming number of variations. Therefore the primary quality of B2B solutions Salespeople is to be good listeners. Active listening skills and the ability to listen and ask questions about customers (their objectives, their frustrations, etc.) are key to frame any offering.

Another frequent quality mentioned by Sales Directors is the ability for their team members to establish and maintain long term relationships. This is a key point for B2B sales cycles: customers are not always ready to buy - right now - but rather may be waiting for a budget to unlock or a new fiscal year to start. Therefore the ability of B2B salespeople to establish trust and nurture long-term relationships is key to collecting customers' interest at later stages.

When the opportunity is ready to progress, the ability to manage complexity, synthesize and simplify information, as well as persuade all account stakeholders are seen as key to bringing the deal to a close.

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Answer: Huneety behaviorial assessments help to analyze the candidate's on-the-job behaviors before they join your organization. In an era of talent shortage, Huneety behaviorial assessments help to go beyond "resume matching" to find talents that will match your organization in workstyle and therefore are more likely to stick to your company (new employee retention).
Answer: This is what our customers say about our solution: - They allow to save time in the recruitment process by getting to know the candidates before interviewing them. - They help to remove bias by matching candidates to work expectations, regardless of their resume or current industry. This will support HR to tap into a larger talent pool. - They help to predict actual work behaviors, boosting ROI by lowering dropouts during the probation period! - They provide interview insights. Hiring assessments are able to highlight area of strengths and weaknesses for each candidate, and delivers a list of questions that you could ask in interview to get a more thorough opinion of the candidate.
Answer: Huneety assessments are based on the Big-5 methodology, a leading assessment method for employees developed in the 1980s and used by thousands of companies. It is the only psychometric test and personality model that reaches a scientific consensus in personality psychology. Huneety has further improved the Big-5 Assessment system to adapt to a wider variery of work behaviors, and offer a comprehensive offer of ready-to-send assessments.
Answer: Huneety behaviorIal assessment for hiring is best used as a pre-screening tool, in order to save time in the recuitment process and only interview the candidates who match the behavior requirements. Therefore, we recommend sending assessments before the candidate's first interview with the hiring manager. Our customers typically send the assessments to about 20 talents from their talent pool, and forwards the top 5 to the hiring manager along with the report and a suggestion of interview question.
Answer: Huneety behavior assessments can be used to evaluate candidates against the company’s core values requirements. We can design your company's unique assessment, according to your core values and core competencies. Such assessments are also called “culture fit” assessments. In which case, these assessments can be provided to all candidates, no matter the position, seniority, and responsibility they hold in the company. It offers the insurance that each candidate has the required attitude and behavior that matches the company’s culture. Example of company core values, or core competencies : Customer orientation, Creativity, Passion for results.
Answer: Huneety does not require prior training to get started. You can send out your first assessments within 5 minutes of registering our our app. As soon as candidates start answering questionnaires, you will be able to visualize reports right away.
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Answer: Yes, absolutely. Huneety platform can accomodate customized assessments fit to your company's needs. You can either use our existing set of behaviors and questions, or compose yours from scratch. For more information about all capabilities of customized assessments, please contact us through the chat.
Answer: We provide video and written tutorial to guide you through the assessment setting. But if you have any further questions, you can contact us.
Answer: Here what our customers say about us: Huneety saves time as it is simple to use and comes pre-loaded with questionnaires fitting most B2B work functions. For best candidate experience, our questionnaires are short to fill (10-15mn average) and available natively in English, Thai and Indonesian language. Unlike other software solutions outthere, we let HR team try our entire range of assessments for free, and our paid plans do not put a limit on the assessments you can send.