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360° Leadership Assessment

About 360° Leadership Assessments

Improve retention with great Leadership. Huneety has developed a comprehensive 360° questionnaire allowing you to get insights into the capabilities of your current and future leaders, both at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Program duration

5 weeks

Assessment type

360° Assessment on leadership capabilities

Supported languages

🇬🇧 English
🇹🇭 ไทย
🇮🇩 Indonesia


Analyse Leadership Skills Gaps in your organization

Your leadership team is the core of the business. Organizations with good leadership outperform their competitors and thrive with lower turnover rates, higher employee engagement, and increased employee performance.

Huneety has developed a comprehensive, yet customizable framework to collect insight about your current and future leadership team. Huneety Leadership assessment program can be used for High-Potentials with career paths, Mid-Level Managers or C-Level Directors.

How the 360° Leadership Assessment Program works

Huneety support the entire initiative so you can launch and close your project in 5 weeks


Mapping your leadership framework

We map your existing Leadership competency framework (if existing) or provide you with a fully customizable one. The Leadership framework details the Leadership behaviors requirements of in your organization.


Launching assessments

Let us do the work! After gathering your employee and participant information, we launch, follow up, and consolidate the results in our platform so that you can have reliable data and results.


Debriefing reports & Leadership gaps

It's data time! For each individual enrolled, a unique Report will be automatically generated featuring all qualitative and quantitative feedback. The report is easily accessible on the platform and exportable in .pdf. Huneety team also supports the debriefing process upon request!


Bridging Leadership gaps with IDPs

Huneety crafts Individual Development Plans using the 70/20/10 principles to Develop Leadership capabilities. Each IDP includes training coming from your learning catalog or suggestions from the most well-known E-learning providers on the market.

Consolidate your leadership team based on actual skills data


A: Huneety uses 360 degree feedback to assess Leadership. Although we can adapt the assessment method such as Line manager assessment, 180 assessments etc; the 360 assessment method is recommended to get unbiased results, and the most reliable data. Huneety's platform automatically consolidates the results of the assessments and generates reports to support decision-making.
A: Huneety Leadership assessment helps you visualize where the Leadership gaps are in your organization. Our platform identifies the Leadership behaviors that your organization is lacking. For each Leadership gap identified, Huneety crafts Leadership Individual Development plans according to the 70/20/10 principle. IDPs help engage employees with on-the-job activities, social learning as well formal learning, and monitor their Leadership progress. By developing better leaders, your organization will improve the employee experience, increase employee engagement, and reduce overall turnover.
A: To put it simply, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an action plan that supports competency development. The ultimate objective of an IDP is to assist employees in achieving their career objectives on time. IDPs that perform are aligned with the 70/20/10 principle. Huneety uses the 70/20/10 principle to bridge the skill gaps of the workforce. Click here to learn more about IDPs.
A: For any Leadership assessment project you get : (1) Your customized Leadership framework linked to learning suggestions (2) Individual Assessment reports: Summarizing the strengths and areas of improvement of your Leaders as well as the Leadership gaps to develop (3) Leadership analytics dashboard: Summarizing your Leadership skills data and the results from the assessments (visualization of the Leadership gaps, individual priorities to develop, top behaviors to improve etc. (4) Individual Development Plans with actionable 70/20/10 suggestions to bridge the Leadership gaps in your organization.
A: In case your organization does not have a Leadership framework, we provide fully customizable Leadership frameworks, such as the Mc Kinsey Leadership capability framework. If your organization has a Leadership framework in place, we will collect and consolidate your Leadership framework into Huneety platform.
A: Let's start with a pilot to address your Leadership priorities. We deliver the full value of Huneety Leadership assessment program within 5 weeks.
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