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Talent Identification Assessment

Identify High Potentials in your organization

The Talent identification program's purpose is to retain your best talents and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow with learning and career development.

Program duration

5 weeks

Assessment type

360° assessment measuring performance, potential and engagement.

Supported languages

🇬🇧 English
🇹🇭 ไทย
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How to identify high potentials in your organization?

Developing the leaders of tomorrow is key to creating sustainable business for the years to come. Without a proper system in place, chances are that promotions will rely on influence and the organization will miss out on its hidden gems.

The Huneety Talent Identification Program assesses employee groups using the 360 assessment method. The assessment is based on 3 main pillars: Performance, Growth potential, and Engagement. Organizations shall prioritize their retention efforts to talents scoring high on these 3 scales.

Huneety Talent Identification program is based on our proprietary platform and supported by our own HR Customer Success experts. The program typically runs for 5 weeks and includes the delivery of individual reports, together with a consolidated talent dashboard for the whole organization.

How it works

How we roll out Talent Identification programs in 5 weeks, from start to finish


Select a segment of your organization to enroll

Choose the employee group you wish to enroll in Huneety Talent Assessment program. Segment your talent identification by geography, seniority, business units etc. We deliver the assessment program from 10 employees to thousands!


Launching assessments

Let us do the work! After gathering your employee and participant information, we launch, follow up, and consolidate the results in our platform so that you can have reliable data and results.


Debriefing Individual and consolidated reports

Results are automatically consolidated into Huneety platform with Individual and consolidated reports. Visualize your talent pool according to the 9-Box Grid methodology, sort talents according to their performance and potential, and use results to support your Talent Review process!


Develop to career paths

Prioritize your best Talents for promotions and your succession planning priorities. Perform career pathing on Huneety platform and craft engaging Individual Development Plans (IDPs) so your talents can reach their targeted career path, on time!

Are you ready to run a Talent Identification Program?


A: Huneety uses 360 degree feedback to identify who your organization's High Potentials and High Performers are. Our Talent Indentification solution integrates the assessment of the talent performance, learning agility, leadership potential, and engagement levels. Huneety's platform automatically consolidates each talent assessment data into the 9 box grid so you can have clarity on who the top talents are in your organization.
A: The 9-box grid is the common approach to categorizing talent that is intended to help organizations - not only understand the kind of talent they have within their organization but also to help determine where to focus their development efforts and budget. In addition to being used for talent management, the 9-box grid is often used as part of a succession planning process.
A: Huneety Talent Identification helps you gain focus on who should be a priority target for retention. Talents identified as high potentials shall be given priority for promotions and succession planning. Huneety platform consolidates suggestions of career paths and Individual Development Plans in order to quickly act on the development needs of each talent.
A: To put it simply, an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an action plan that supports competency development. The ultimate objective of an IDP is to assist employees in achieving their career objectives on time. IDPs that perform are aligned with the 70/20/10 principle. Huneety uses the 70/20/10 principle to bridge the skill gaps of the workforce. Click here to learn more about IDPs.
A: We request the list of your selected employees in the talent assessment program, as well as selected assessors for each talent. We take care of the rest! We roll out, consolidate the assessment results and debrief the results with your management team. We deliver the full value of Huneety talent assessment program within 5 Weeks.
A: If your organization has not started with people reviews, Huneety handles the result debriefing with a common meeting with your top management and Head of Departments.
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