A.I. Learning suggestions ๐ŸŒฑ

Get suggestions of learning for your employees, for every skill and every budget.

Hand-picking the perfect learning activities
is time-consumingย ๐Ÿ•‘

Ensuring a connection between
Skills Gaps and Learning

Traditional LMSs do not connect with Skills Framework as they often fail to make recommendation based on skill gaps. Without this link, your teams may very well spend long hours learning without realizing expected performance outcomes.

The illusion of choice:
a world of content but no time to filter it

Great niche courses are available out there but finding them can be a pain. Large providers have understood that and will lock companies like yours with costly integrations, preventing you from using external content.

The solution

A.I Learning suggestions.
Curated content based on employee Skills Mapping.
Aggregated from best-in-class learning providers and platforms worldwide.

Compare learning courses like flights,
and prepare for take off ๐Ÿ›ซ

Learning library powered by A.I

Learning activities connected to employee skills mapping. We gather FREE and Paid learning options coming from the world’s biggest learning platforms. Because Learning is not just E-Learning, Huneety helps identify the company’s experts so employees can learn from social learning opportunities.

Import your existing learning catalog

Import your learning catalog or create your own learning activities on Huneety. We make internal learning content relevant and actionable according to your organization’s skills gaps.

Fast forward Skills Building
at your company


Build a customized
Skills Taxonomy.

Huneety gives you a headstart with a pre-loaded taxonomy. Use our platform to collaborate internally or with consultants to build your very own customized skills framework.ย 


Map the requirements
of each position.

Using A.I, Huneety accelerates your skills mapping by connecting your very own skills taxonomy to jobs at your company. What used to take weeks, now is done in minutes.


Assess talents,
hunt for skill gaps.

Huneety facilitates data collection from employee assessments. Analyze your employee skills level and strategize L&D efforts to bridge the skill gaps.ย