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Marketing responsibilities

Marketing at a strategic level includes all functions of market research and competitor analysis. Marketing helps the company define a business strategy, a product offering and pricing strategy to grow on the long run.

At a more operational level, Marketing gets prospects interested in the organization’s product offering, and nurture over time through campaigns to convert them into business leads and possibly customers.

Marketing oversees the various external, and sometimes internal, communication channels of the company, such as website, video content, social media, printed content, merchandising and press relation.

Marketing doesn’t stop at the moment of the sale . The function increasingly oversees all touch points with actual customers (sometimes refered as Customer Engagement), measure their satisfaction, and try to upsell or cross-sell new products in order to diversify revenue and increase profitability.

Marketing structure and hierarchy

Depending on the industry and reliance of the company on marketing to generate sales, the marketing department may be lead by a Chief Marketing Officer (C-Level), a Marketing Director, or placed under the supervision of a Sales & Marketing Director.

Mid-level managers include Marketing Managers and/or Product Marketing Managers. Marketing in a diverse field and increasingly company chose to add mid-level specialists to their organization, those can include Digital Marketing Manager (in charge of online presence, user acquisition or ecommerce sales), Press Relation Manager (for relation with press and influencers) or Marketing Analyst position for example.

At more junior levels, typical positions include Junior Marketing Managers, Marketing Executives, Marketing Specialists, who support the marketing operations and coordination work.

Top skills required in Marketing

Marketing is increasingly getting digitalised. The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated that fact, forcing businesses which in the past may not have considered their digital strategy to catch up. A well designed and executed marketing strategy will not only open markets, but also provide clarity about your organization’s direction which will benefit employee retention and talent attraction

Here are 5 skills that should be developed by every Marketing department to prepare for the coming decade of accelerating change:

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is not anymore the dark art of secretly reading market figures and identifying growth segments. Increasingly, marketing strategy will require empathy and openness. Marketing departments should be able to foster customer communities, as well as understand and cooperate with an ecosystem of trusted industry partners.

SegmentationMarketing planMarketing StrategyPositioningGo to market


Digital marketing

Go digital or die. There are no business which cannot benefit from digitalisation of its marketing plan. As travel and physical events are impacted, customers turn to online platforms for information, shopping and entertainment. However, getting impact online is not as simple as redirecting its budget to online activities. It will take patience and skills to get there. Do you have a roadmap?

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Content marketing

Customers are human, and human love stories, this is just the way our brain is wired. At the era of “purposeful companies”, is your company geared to articulate a vision that resonates with employees and customers alike? Are you able to create meaningful content that attract views and drive business?

EmailingVideo MarketingBlogsEbooksVideosInfographicsWhite papersCase studiesDemosSocial media posts


Marketing automation

If your company is not a startup, chances are its IT ecosystem is made of multiple layers of software (ERP, CRM, emailing, surveys, etc.). But did you know that there are ways to connect software together to gain speed and free marketing employees to perform added value tasks. Is your company aiming to have a lean marketing team? Make sure you have an automation roadmap.



Data analytics and visualisation

With all online initiatives and platforms connected. It is time for marketing to improve its reporting and measure its impact on Sales activities. Make sure your marketing department knows how to manipulate large amount of data, and is at ease with pipeline concepts and KPIs to measure in a dashboard. Start setting up your metrics to measure, and work on improving them.

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