Hiring the right Chief Financial Officer
for your organization

What does a Chief Financial Officer do?

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) refers to a senior C-Level executive who is in charge of the company’s financial operations, often spanning across various business entities and countries. The CFO’s responsibilities include managing cash flow, profitability, reducing explosure and financial planning, as well as analyzing and proposing remedial actions for the company’s financial strengths and shortcomings.

CFOs are supported by large teams of mid-level Accounting and Finance professionals to execute day to day operations. As such, they must ensure their teams are complying with both company’s and countries’ regulations, as they are responsible for the quality of the processes and data generated.

An important part of their role is also to strengthen the financial systems in the company (accounting, reporting, ERPs, etc.) to ensure timely reporting to make strategic decisions.

Career Development

This position is similar to


Chief Operating Officer



How to succesfully hire a
Chief Financial Officer?


Create a job description with the desired competencies.

Make a list of the Competencies and Skills you are after and feature them prominently in your job offer. Basing your criteria on skills rather than experience will help you reach a larger talent pool.

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Test your shortlisted candidates to check behavior fit.

Hiring assessments are great at spotting behavior traits and get an idea of how candidates will fit in your organization. They also help you to run better interviews with candidates.

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Skillset of Chief Financial Officer

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★★★★★  Expert
 Financial accounting  Balance Sheet Financial Statement Income Statement Financial Reporting Financial Analysis Financial Consolidation Reconciliation Financial Accounting
★★★★  Proficient
 Managerial Accounting  Cost accounting Management Accounting Cash Management Cash Flow P&L Management

 Analytical thinking  Identifying cause and effect relationships Gathering data

 Change Management  Driving change and innovation Influencing others towards change
Strategic future skill

 Strategic Thinking  Company Vision Strategic Thinking

 Communicating information  Active Listening Synthesizing information Asking the right questions Influencing and persuading others

 Risk Management  Risk Assessment Risk Management
Strategic future skill

 Investment Management  Equity Management Portfolio Management Financial Modeling Investments Mutual Funds Retirement Planning Asset Management Investment Banking

 Developing others  Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise to others Enhancing individual and professional development Coaching others to succeed

 Data visualization  Tableau SAS Power BI Metabase Palantir SAP Analytics Matplotlib Qlik Sense
Strategic future skill


A skills-based approach based on the lastest market data ensures you will look for future-proof candidates

By focusing on skills, not experience, you widen the potential talent pool to a larger set of individuals

Set realistic expectations: do not loose time looking for a "unicorn candidate" and move forward to behavior assessments. Unlike behaviors, skills are easy to be taught once they are clearly identified.



Ability to solve complex business challenges. A competency is typically made of several interconnected sub-skills.


A hard skill or technical ability required to perform a task. Skills are more fine-grained than competencies and easier to be taught.


A set of attitudes and soft skills expected of an individual to suceed in her/his position and organization.

Recommended hiring assessments for
Chief Financial Officer

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Leadership Assessment
Leadership Assessment

This behavioral assessment helps to benchmark job candidates for management and leadership roles. Assess management style and ability to make tough decisions. Results available as candidates benchmark table or individual report to be share with hiring manager.

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Problem Solving Assessment
Problem Solving Assessment

Supporting the assessment of candidates on Problem Solving skills including the following behaviors: Problem identification and anticipation, working with others to solve issues, making fact-based decision and solution implementation.

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