Hiring the right Copywriter
for your organization

Successfully recruit a Copywriter

Key steps to recruit

We recommend to pay attention to the following 3 steps when recruiting a Copywriter

1. Write down explicit roles and responsibilities.
Check our suggestions below.

2. Define key skills and behaviors you are looking for.
Try to list the skills as well, but remember, a skillset too precise might discourage less confidents to apply. Check our template skillset for inspiration.

3. Get insight on your shortlisted candidates with Behavior assessments.
To maximize the chances of culture fit and make sure that the newly recruited candidate will actually stay in your organization, try to scan for some key behaviors using Huneety free assessments.

What does a Copywriter do?

Copywriters, also known as marketing writers, are in charge of creating engaging, clear content for a variety of promotional mediums, including websites, print ads, and catalogs. write engaging written material, and proofread their work for correctness and quality.
Copywriters are required by all companies that advertise or market their products or services either directly (promotional content) or indirectly (problem awareness, connected topics), usually to generate social media or search engine traffic.

In some cases, Copywriters will also be suggesting which content to create. As content pieces should be noticeable by both people and search engines, copywriters should also now be familiar with SEO data analysis and able to conduct keyword and topic research through content marketing tools.