Hiring the right Learning & development specialist
for your organization

What does a Learning & development specialist do?

The primary job responsibility of the Learning & development specialist is to design effective curriculums and training programs that improve both individual and organizational performance. Whether delivered in classroom or online, Learning & development specialists are responsible for delivering a learning experience that is customized to the audience skill level and characteristics.

Their responsibilities do not stop once trainings are delivered: Learning specialists duties include post-learning monitoring and evaluation, making sure ensure employees are given relevant development plans and assignments to practice their skills. Learning specialists are strong enablers of knowledge sharing across the organization. Their work allow employees to connect informally with mentors and colleagues to create a culture of learning.  Learning specialists typically report to Learning and development managers. Companies of smaller size usually include l&d duties to HR generalist executive roles, or directly to HR Managers. 

What does the future hold for Learning & development specialists?

Learning & Development specialists are the architects of the organization’s learning experience. Their development will be largely focused on how to deliver quality training programs, using innovative techniques and technologies to enhance learners engagement and ability to learn. More and more companies will get out of the outdated “training catalog” approach, to rather focus on customised learning experiences. In doing so, top decision makers shall become more demanding over Return Of Investment (ROI) coming from training programs provided.

To thrive in their roles, specialists must understand their business environment and liaise with business line managers to recommend and design relevant learning pathways. They shall typically lead learning & development projects from A to Z, from training need collection until post learning evaluation, making sure learners are given the right assignments to practice their skills.  This involves identifying the right learning “blend”, by proposing stretch assignments, social learning and formal learning activities.

Learning professionals shall be creative and look at new ways of conveying a learning culture, by promoting classes using story telling techniques or by organising knowledge sharing opportunities across the workplace (using forums, informal knowledge sharing sessions etc). To do so, professional Learning specialists shall level up their game and become skilful writers.

Employers are already spending more in more in learning and development, not only for the direct benefits of employee retention, but also to consolidate and increase market positioning. Therefore, Learning & development specialists shall be prepared to take the spotlight with the responsibility to prepare employees for their future skills requirements.

This position is similar to

Senior Learning & Development Specialist

Head Of Learning And Development


How to succesfully hire a Learning & development specialist?


Create a job description with the desired competencies.

Make a list of the Competencies and Skills you are after and feature them prominently in your job offer. Basing your criteria on skills rather than experience will help you reach a larger talent pool.

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Test your shortlisted candidates to check behavior fit.

Hiring assessments are great at spotting behavior traits and get an idea of how candidates will fit in your organization. They also help you to run better interviews with candidates.

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Skillset of a Learning & development specialist

FusionCharts will render here

★★★★ Proficient level required
 Learning Technologies  Virtual Learning Mobile Learning Virtual Reality Learning
Strategic future skill

 Learning & Development  Learning Plan Management Instructional Design Individual Development Plans Blended Learning Training Evaluations E-Learning Learning Development
★★★☆☆ Competent level required
 HR Systems  Learning Management System (LMS) HR technology
Strategic future skill

 Developing others  Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise to others
★★☆☆☆ Advanced Beginner level required
 People Analytics  People Analytics
Strategic future skill

 Business partnering  Business acumen Employee Relations Business partner
Strategic future skill

 Project management  Project Estimation Stakeholder Management Project Coordination Project cost management Project Management Project Planning
Strategic future skill
Is a plus
 Copywriting  Storytelling Copywriting


A skills-based approach based on the lastest market data ensures you will look for future-proof candidates

By focusing on skills, not experience, you widen the potential talent pool to a larger set of individuals

Set realistic expectations: don't loose time looking for a "unicorn candidate" and move forward to behavior assessments. Unlike behaviors, skills are easy to be taught once they are clearly identified.



Ability to solve complex business challenges. A competency is typically made of several interconnected sub-skills.


A hard skill or technical ability required to perform a task. Skills are more fine-grained than competencies and easier to be taught.


A set of attitudes and soft skills expected of an individual to suceed in her/his position and organization.

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