Hiring the right Marketing Data Analyst
for your organization

What does a Marketing Data Analyst do?

Data analysts help to answer questions within an organization by collecting, cleaning, processing and presenting large amount of data, in reports or in real-time dashboards for example.

Data Analysts are seen as one of the fastest growing job position at the moment. As ERP systems, CRM, Ecommerce and the Internet of Things tremendously increased the volume of data available in all industries, most companies have needs to connect data sources and provide strategic guidance based on available data.

Data science is fast evolving field with a wide spectrum of technical sub-competencies.  Data Analysts are required to have solid statistics understanding, in-depth knowledge about databases and data management,  solid programming skills to manipulate large amount of data.

What does the future hold for Marketing Data Analysts?

Data disciplines will continue maturing in the coming years. Some companies will choose to develop and keep data roles internally in order to keep providing business insight. Outside of engineering departments, we will increasingly see Ecommerce or Business Data Analysts in Marketing for example, or even HR Data analyst specialising in workforce data and productivity.

On the other hand, companies for which data is not at the core of their strategy may chose to blend internal and external resources. In those companies, Data Analyst roles will remain rather generalist and focus more on managing project and coordinating vendors and data freelancers. This approach will be supported by third-party platforms which make it easy to find and hire specialists in data field (Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, etc.) or even pool ideas from a community by the use of challenges.

Career Development

This position is similar to

Communication Manager

Campaign Manager

Brand Manager

Corporate Communication Manager


How to succesfully hire a
Marketing Data Analyst?


Create a job description with the desired competencies.

Make a list of the Competencies and Skills you are after and feature them prominently in your job offer. Basing your criteria on skills rather than experience will help you reach a larger talent pool.

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Test your shortlisted candidates to check behavior fit.

Hiring assessments are great at spotting behavior traits and get an idea of how candidates will fit in your organization. They also help you to run better interviews with candidates.

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Skillset of Marketing Data Analyst

Chart will render here

★★★★  Proficient
 CRM  CRM Pipedrive Hubspot CRM Pardot Salesforce CRM Zoho CRM Oracle CRM SugarCRM
★★★☆☆  Competent
 Communicating information  Influencing and persuading others Synthesizing information Active Listening Asking the right questions

 Problem solving  Implementing solutions Working with others to solve problems Making fact based decisions to solve problems Identifying and anticipating problems

 Analytical thinking  Gathering data Identifying cause and effect relationships
★★☆☆☆  Advanced beginner
 Database  MySQL SQL MongoDB
Strategic future skill


A skills-based approach based on the lastest market data ensures you will look for future-proof candidates

By focusing on skills, not experience, you widen the potential talent pool to a larger set of individuals

Set realistic expectations: do not loose time looking for a "unicorn candidate" and move forward to behavior assessments. Unlike behaviors, skills are easy to be taught once they are clearly identified.



Ability to solve complex business challenges. A competency is typically made of several interconnected sub-skills.


A hard skill or technical ability required to perform a task. Skills are more fine-grained than competencies and easier to be taught.


A set of attitudes and soft skills expected of an individual to suceed in her/his position and organization.

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Marketing Data Analyst

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Problem Solving Assessment
Problem Solving Assessment

Supporting the assessment of candidates on Problem Solving skills including the following behaviors: Problem identification and anticipation, working with others to solve issues, making fact-based decision and solution implementation.

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