Hiring the right Marketing Director
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What does a Marketing Director do?

The Marketing Director is leading the marketing efforts of the organization. It is not per-se a creative function but instead a very business-driven and management oriented function.

At a strategic level, the role of the Marketing Directors is to enhance the understanding of the organization of its market and product positioning. The Marketing Director is able to navigate complex business environment and analyse opportunities through intelligence gathering, using internal data or external market intelligence sources. The Managing Director excels at presentation and will be able to influence the general company’s direction by presenting its finding to the board of directors.

At a more operational level, the role of the Marketing Director is before all management. A Marketing Manager typically has several mid-level marketing or communication professionals reporting directly, as well as vendors such as creative or digital agencies. Therefore his/her role is to control that projects or campaigns planned are well executed and within budget. The marketing director often acts as an influencer within the company, promoting the marketing function and establishing a marketing culture. As marketing is a fast-changing discipline, part of his/her role is to ensure the marketing department skills are kept up-to-date through training, coaching and empowerment of the team. This will ensure that the organization always keep a modern approach when facing business challenges.

What does the future hold for Marketing Directors?

In the past the role of the Marketing Director, depending on company expectation and personality of the leader, usually gravitated around either Business Intelligence or Communication roles.

As digitalisation is now increasingly blurring the lines with the Sales function (Lead generation, E-commerce, Virtual Selling), Marketing Directors are expected to take on a more result-driven operational approach and be able to generate sales and report on the effectiveness of the Marketing function and budget. This requires the Marketing Director to have good knowledge of digital platforms available on the market, and make sure both tools and teams ready to tackle facing challenges with a digital-first approach.

Another development around the role of the Marketing Director is the importance of data intelligence. In the past, Marketing Directors could rely on external consultant agencies to provide insight about market segmentation, market shares and outsource the data collection. However, as the amount of data now accessible internally is also increasing, it makes sense that the Marketing Director builds a team of Data Analysts able to comprehend, segment customers and drive campaign based on customers behaviours.

Overall the function of Marketing Director is evolving towards a role of Customer Engagement. The function is then to understand the customer, maximize revenue generated by the customers all-along their customer lifecycle, and making sure every touchpoint is optimised to provide the best customer experience.

Career Development

This position is similar to


Chief Operating Officer



How to succesfully hire a
Marketing Director?


Create a job description with the desired competencies.

Make a list of the Competencies and Skills you are after and feature them prominently in your job offer. Basing your criteria on skills rather than experience will help you reach a larger talent pool.

Check skillset

Test your shortlisted candidates to check behavior fit.

Hiring assessments are great at spotting behavior traits and get an idea of how candidates will fit in your organization. They also help you to run better interviews with candidates.

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Skillset of Marketing Director

Chart will render here

★★★★★  Expert
 Marketing strategies  Market segmentation Go to market Marketing strategy Marketing plans Positioning

 Growth Strategies  Growth Strategies Product Development New Business Opportunities
Strategic future skill
★★★★  Proficient
 Communicating information  Active Listening Synthesizing information Influencing and persuading others Asking the right questions

 Content marketing  Social media posts Case studies Demos Emailing Video Marketing Videos Blogs Infographics White papers

 Change Management  Driving change and innovation Influencing others towards change
Strategic future skill

 Cost control  Cost Control Budgeting Cost reduction Variance analysis

 Developing others  Enhancing individual and professional development Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise to others Coaching others to succeed
★★★☆☆  Competent
 Project management  Project Planning Stakeholder Management Project Management Project Coordination

 Customer Experience (CX)  Customer Retention Customer Loyalty Customer experience Customer engagement
Strategic future skill


A skills-based approach based on the lastest market data ensures you will look for future-proof candidates

By focusing on skills, not experience, you widen the potential talent pool to a larger set of individuals

Set realistic expectations: do not loose time looking for a "unicorn candidate" and move forward to behavior assessments. Unlike behaviors, skills are easy to be taught once they are clearly identified.



Ability to solve complex business challenges. A competency is typically made of several interconnected sub-skills.


A hard skill or technical ability required to perform a task. Skills are more fine-grained than competencies and easier to be taught.


A set of attitudes and soft skills expected of an individual to suceed in her/his position and organization.

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Marketing Director

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Leadership Assessment
Leadership Assessment

This behavioral assessment helps to benchmark job candidates for management and leadership roles. Assess management style and ability to make tough decisions. Results available as candidates benchmark table or individual report to be share with hiring manager.

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Problem Solving Assessment
Problem Solving Assessment

Supporting the assessment of candidates on Problem Solving skills including the following behaviors: Problem identification and anticipation, working with others to solve issues, making fact-based decision and solution implementation.

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Relationship Building Assessment
Relationship Building Assessment

This behavioral assessment focuses on the networking habits of the candidate and her/his ability to connect with business partners. The 3 work behaviors assessed are the skill to grow a network, the ability to inspire and build trust, and the capacity to maintain connections over the long term.

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