Hiring the right Talent acquisition specialist
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What does a Talent acquisition specialist do?

The Talent Acquisition Specialist is in charge of sourcing, attracting, interviewing, employing, and onboarding new personnel. Simply put, they move candidate along the hiring process until those complete their onboarding succesfully. The process usually starts by collaborating closely with hiring managers to establish what talents and experience to seek for, as they assist in the development of the applicant screening process. The Talent Acquisition Specialist should also make sure the selected candidates fit the employer’s long-term goals (company culture, future-proof skillsets, expected work behaviors, diversity-targets etc.).

During screening and interview steps, Acquisition specialists are often in touch with multiple job candidates per day, acting as an living ambassador of the company’s brand. It is their duty to make sure the candidates are excited about the new job opportunity and feel welcomed and takent care of (candidate experience). Talent Acquisition specialist often act as local relays, running local employer branding campaigns through job fair, online events or collaborations with academic organizations. In recent years, the position has become much digitized. Talent Acquisition Specialists optimize and post job openings on various job boards and channels, run campaigns and analyze data to make sure the job offers are being seen attract enough candidates.

Career Development

This position is similar to

Recruitment Manager

Talent Acquisition Lead

Recruitment Consultant

Talent Attraction Manager


How to succesfully hire a Talent acquisition specialist?


Create a job description with the desired competencies.

Make a list of the Competencies and Skills you are after and feature them prominently in your job offer. Basing your criteria on skills rather than experience will help you reach a larger talent pool.

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Test your shortlisted candidates to check behavior fit.

Hiring assessments are great at spotting behavior traits and get an idea of how candidates will fit in your organization. They also help you to run better interviews with candidates.

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Skillset of a Talent acquisition specialist

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★★★★ Proficient level required
 Talent Acquisition   Technical Recruiting Hiring Interviews Talent Acquisition Recruitment Outsourcing Applicants Screening Recruiting Sourcing Candidates Executive Search
★★★☆☆ Competent level required
 Communicating information  Asking the right questions Influencing and persuading others Active Listening Synthesizing information

 Negotiation  Leading win-win discussions Closing deals

 Business partnering  Business acumen Employee Relations Business partner
Strategic future skill

 Social media management  Twitter Instagram Social Media Marketing YouTube Linkedin Social Media Management Facebook
Strategic future skill

 Customer Experience (CX)  Customer Loyalty Client Rapport Customer Satisfaction Customer engagement Customer Contact Customer experience
Strategic future skill
★★☆☆☆ Advanced Beginner level required
 Copywriting  Storytelling Copywriting
Strategic future skill
Is a plus
 Digital marketing  Digital Marketing
Strategic future skill


A skills-based approach based on the lastest market data ensures you will look for future-proof candidates

By focusing on skills, not experience, you widen the potential talent pool to a larger set of individuals

Set realistic expectations: don't loose time looking for a "unicorn candidate" and move forward to behavior assessments. Unlike behaviors, skills are easy to be taught once they are clearly identified.



Ability to solve complex business challenges. A competency is typically made of several interconnected sub-skills.


A hard skill or technical ability required to perform a task. Skills are more fine-grained than competencies and easier to be taught.


A set of attitudes and soft skills expected of an individual to suceed in her/his position and organization.

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Problem Solving Assessment
Problem Solving Assessment

Supporting the assessment of candidates on Problem Solving skills including the following behaviors: Problem identification and anticipation, working with others to solve issues, making fact-based decision and solution implementation.

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