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Predict which candidate fits your company’s behavior and culture requirements

Reduce Time to Hire

Collect behavior insights before the interview stage and quickly identify suitable candidates using Huneety’s AI-powered ranking. Focus on candidates who really meet your expected Culture fit and behavior requirements.

Remove bias and tap into larger talent pools

Resumes focus on past experiences and induce bias: academic background, age, or gender. Huneety Behavior assessments help see past that and allow you to bring unbiased data points to the table for discussion.

Shield your organization from Mis-Hiring costs

Maximize your Return on Investment with better candidate behavior predictability, and avoid employee dropouts during the probation period!

Easy to use hiring assessment platform integrated to your recruitment flow

Multilingual and Customisable, No Implementation fee

Select or compose an assessment

Select the behavior assessment of your choice according to your job profile and compose behavior assessments according to your organization’s unique culture fit requirements.

Candidates fill the assessment

Huneety assessments are optimized for the best candidate experience. Assessments take between 10 to 15mn to fill out the questionnaire. Upon submitting, the results are sent back to the Recruiter with auto-generated reports.

Candidate insight and benchmark

Huneety consolidates results in real-time. Get candidate insights to support your selection process and receive interview questions and suggestions to recruit the best candidates and easily share reports with top management and hiring manager.s


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HR Leaders say it better

We use Huneety assessments in English and Indonesian language to get insight into our shortlisted candidates. The insight collected helped us prioritize our interviews and save time on the overall recruitment process.

Fany Johan Permana
Head of HR
PT. Warna Agung

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