Prioritize retention efforts

to high performers ๐Ÿ’ฅ

How do you engage with your high performers?

Performers leave companies without a development roadmap

There are several reasons that explain why top performers leave companies. The top reason being the incapacity to provide clarity over career path together with clear development opportunities.

To fight the talent war and keep talents engaged, high performers should be given priority to strategic assignments and to the company resources.ย ย 

Start making a true value proposition that makes high performers stay!

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Deliver unique value propositions to talents ๐Ÿ”ฅ

360 Skills assessments to develop talents

Skills can be assessed beyond traditional reporting lines. Those who work closely with employees, such as peers, mentors, top management are also contributors to employee development. 360-degree assessments increase both employee exposure and consideration by the stakeholders involved.

360 assessments help provide a unique view of strengths and gaps to fill so that high potentials can achieve their targeted career goals.ย 

Tailor Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to career pathsย 

To retain, companies must go beyond traditional active learning offers provided by LMS. Huneety leverages 70/20/10 and blended learning to deliver concrete results on the job. Individual Development Plans are drafted for all types of budgets and come along with measurable KPIs & OKRs.ย 

ย Huneety works as an extension of your HR team to quickly deliver the best employee’s Individual Development Plans.ย 

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