Skills Assessment ★★★★

Validate the skills of your employees, uncover your organization’s skills gaps. 

Put your skills in check 

Do your employees have the required skill level to deliver on the job? Are they fit to climb to their next career step? Assessing skills may seem easy on the surface. However, each employee displays a unique set of knowledge, skills, and abilities on the job.  In order to clarify whether your employees are equipped to perform their roles, Huneety provides different assessment methods to validate skills.


Boost employee engagement with Self-Assessment 

Using self skills assessments is a good first step to evaluate skills.  

Because they are bottom-up, self-assessments encourage employees to critically reflect on their own performance and skills development on the job. Self-assessments do not only increase employees’ buy-in. It helps your employee become more responsible by owning their own development. 

Aim for precision with 360° Assessments

Put collective intelligence at work

Bridge the gap between what employees think of themselves and how they are perceived by others. With 360° skills assessments, you can multiply sources of feedback to help employees get a well-balanced view of themselves. Leverage your organization’s internal ecosystem, using Line Managers, peers, experts, project leaders to assess the skills of your staff. Huneety consolidates all the reviewers’ feedback in a single report and highlights potential skill gaps.

360 Assessments not only help employees grow, it contributes to improving your workplace culture.

Go 360°and
issue reports to discuss with your talents

How are your employee skills performing in the real world? Thanks to Huneety flexible guest assessment feature, you can collect skills assessments from any external party: External consultants, Customers, and Ecosystem partners can now take part in your evaluation processes and contribute valuable suggestions to your HR department.

To share the Skills Assessments results with your team, take advantage of the report feature: get a full anonymized report in web format or PDF. You are now ready for a skills conversation!

Make your skill revolution. Get started.

Are you ready to make your company skill-focused?

Huneety is free to try. Create an account and start mapping the skills your first position with A.I. Then send assessments to self, managers or peers to end up with a precise 360 Assessment.