Skills mapping
for businesses ๐Ÿšฉ

Map your position skills and build a taxonomy in 5 weeks

Why mapping the skills of your company ?

As old ways of doing business get challenged by external disruption and new generations expectations, skills mapping have become a must for corporate HR resources department to remain agile and focus budget where it really matters.

Skills strategy

Create a common language and Skills Strategy that will be the true north of your HR department going

Hire for skills

See beyond bias and tap into a larger and more diverse talent pool by focusing on skills.

Focused L&D

Assess teams according to skills requirements. Focus L&D to skill gaps. Build careers, retain high potentials with IDPs.

We build for you
industry-relevant frameworks
in 5 weeks

We identify for you what skills each position needs to perform with a data-first unbiased approached.

Step 1:
Skills extraction
from your job descriptions.

We extract Skills and Competencies from your existing job descriptions (if available). Our automated algorithms automatically match content to the skills in our template taxonomy. Company does not require to own a skills framework.

Step 2:
Challenge with skills
from industry data.

We challenge findings by extending the Skills extraction to industry data. Thanks to our proprietary A.I and big-data collection technology, we are able to extend the Skills Search to hundred of positions in similar location, industry or list of competitors.

Step 3:
Consolidation of position mapping
in Huneety platform

We set the job mapping in the Huneety platform, which make them easy to analyze, export and use further down for L&D purpose. For each job, the results are shared with your managers to assess the proper expertise level required for each skill.

Your smart
skills taxonomy

Delivered in a smart platform.

More than keywords in an Excel file, Huneety delivers your skills mapping as a full ecosystem in our proprietary platform.

The system allows you to navigate, visualize data, export and access advanced features such as 360 Assessments.

Multi-layered taxonomy

Huneety taxonomies are multi-layered and allow you to organize with depth your Competencies (blue), Skills (Red) and Behaviors (green)

Connected to your organization

Huneety taxonomy system connects your items to your departments positions and individuals. Allowing advanced analytics.

Linking KPIs and learning

Huneety pre-loads a full suite of editable goal suggestions (KPIs, OKRs)
and learning suggestions from main platforms, also connected to your skills.

Multilingual out of the box

Huneety taxonomy allows to add additional languages and translation, for companies that need to maintain skills frameworks in multiple languages.

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Skills Taxonomies?

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