Skills Taxonomy 

Identify, organize, strategize skills in your organization. 

What is a Skills Taxonomy

A taxonomy is a classification system that allows the hierarchization of several levels of information. A skill taxonomy supports organizations to organize and strategize the required Competencies and Skills to run certain functions or the entire business. 

The requirements may be focused on operational skills or may include soft skills and behaviors. The depth and level of details of skill taxonomies vary greatly from one organization to another.

Such a classification system provides a methodology for measuring the degree to which a workforce is able to meet the objectives of the organization.

Similar concepts: Skills inventory, Skills library, Competency framework, competency model, skills architecture 

What is a competency

Combined utilization of abilities, skills and knowledge to effectively solve a business problem. Competencies form the basis for measuring the workforce capabilities in the organization. 

Example: The competency “Objection handling” may include a set of skills such as active listening, critical thinking, and communication.  

 What is a skill 

A Skill is a capacity that an individual must have to perform a job, role, function, task, or duty. Because they are fine-grained, skills can be validated by assessment and professional certifications. 

Example: The skill “Photoshop” is the capacity someone may have at using the software Photoshop. Such skill can be validated by a professional certification provided by Adobe. 

Huneety Competencies are flagged in blue, whereas Skills are flagged in red color. 

Identifying and organizing skills 

Each organization has its unique skills taxonomy. Skills taxonomy organizes Competencies and skills in a way that make sense for the business.

Example of a Taxonomy organized by competency category. 


Huneety leverages A.I to provide the organization its unique skills classification system.

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