Prioritize L&D efforts

that really make an impact ๐Ÿ’ฅ

How do you make sure L&D leads to impact?

Have you identified skills that can create real business impact?

Companies often fall into 2 categories: the ones that renew every year the same learning catalog for their teams, therefore not triggering much change, and the ones that allow employees to self-upskill by having access to allย the content available.

We believe in a better way to train only on the skills that really matter to the individual and the company.

Stop measuring training hours, start measuring skill impact!


Train on what matters

Hot or not?
Know your
skills trends

Learning is consuming your most precious resource: employee time. Therefore before jumping into skill programs, it’s essential to analyse if the skills serve your medium-term business purpose.

Industries change fast. With Huneety, you are able to cross check your entities and department data under the lens of skill trends: know which positions are at risk and which skills to invest in. Skill lifecycles can be customized to fit your industry or your companies strategic focus.

Tailor your approach to individual skill gapsย 

New content providers and LMS will burry your teams under learning opportunities, resulting in training hours that may not even be in line with their immediate missions or your company’s vision. We are not adept of the learning “open bar”, we believe in focus.

Huneety allows the quick rollout of skill assessments based on positions, missions, and career development needs. Finding learning opportunities through the lens of skills will allow you to launch laser-focused plans. You can focus your L&D resources on what actually matters.

Make your skill revolution. Get started.

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