Talent Assessments

Uncover new talent pools of qualified applicants and hire candidates who will stay longer at your organization.
Talent Assessments

Why Huneety Assessments?


Create new talent pools

Find hidden gems across all industries, educational background and work experiences.

Accelerate time to hire, without bias

Let Huneety auto-shortlist your applicants according to skills requirements

Increase retention and reduce mis-hiring

Compose assessments for culture fit to maximize employee retention and decrease hiring costs.

Our Assessments

Behavior Assessments

Behavior Assessments

Predict behavior by understanding your candidate's or internal employee's strengths and areas of improvements before the interview. Huneety propriety behavior assessments are derived from the BIG 5 in order to determine people's ability to work.

Hard skills Assesments

Hard skills Assesments

Let candidates assess themselves against the hard skills requirements for each role role and visualize candidate's suitability before shortlisting.

Culture Fit Assessments

Culture Fit Assessments

Assess your candidates according to your company core values. Huneety experts design your unique culture fit assessments so you can pre-screen candidates who match your company culture. Delivered in 2 weeks with 1 month free trial!


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