Quality Control Engineer job description template

About this position

We are seeking an experienced Quality Control Engineer to join our dynamic team. In this role, you will be responsible for providing quality assurance and inspection of products, materials, and processes to ensure that they meet industry standards and customer requirements. You will also be responsible for conducting root cause analysis and investigations to resolve quality-related problems. The ideal candidate will have a passion for quality control and a commitment to continuous improvement.


1. Develop and maintain quality control standards and procedures to ensure product compliance with customer requirements.

2. Develop and implement test plans, protocols and inspection processes in accordance with ISO 9001 and other applicable standards.

3. Monitor and inspect incoming and outgoing products to ensure quality and accuracy.

4. Investigate and analyze customer complaints and non-conforming products and recommend corrective actions.

5. Develop and maintain a quality assurance system to ensure that products meet customer specifications.

6. Identify and recommend improvements in existing processes, procedures and products.

7. Provide technical support and guidance to other departments on quality control procedures.

8. Assist in maintaining compliance with applicable national, international and internal standards and regulations.

9. Prepare detailed reports on quality control activities and findings.

10. Develop and implement training programs and materials on quality control processes.


• Bachelor's degree in engineering, science or related field

• 3+ years of experience in Quality Control/Quality Assurance

• Knowledge of quality control principles, methods and techniques

• Ability to troubleshoot, identify and resolve problems

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


6 Sigma
Six Sigma
Continuous improvement
Total Quality Management
Customer Service
Customer Service
Inspection Control
Nondestructive Testing Visual Product Inspection
Knowledge of regulatory frameworks
Policy & Compliance Management
Company Policies Compliance Management Legal Compliance Policy Control
Process Improvement
Flowcharts Process Improvement
Quality Control
Laboratory Tests Product Resistance Product Testing Quality Control
Quality Standards
ISO 9000 ISO 9001 Quality Standards
Statistical Process Control
Statistical Process Control
Root Cause Analysis Troubleshooting
Analytical thinking
Gathering information and data Identifying cause and effect relationships
Problem solving
Identifying and anticipating problems Implementing solutions Making fact based decisions to solve problems Working with others to solve problems