Huneety Recruitment Service

We deliver qualified candidates faster, better, cheaper

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Huneety Recruitment Service

We deliver qualified candidates faster, better, cheaper

  Discuss your recruitment needs

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We are not just another recruitment agency

Get qualified candidates within 5 business days

When starting a recruitment project with Huneety, you can tap into an existing talent pool of candidates prequalified with Huneety technologies. This allows us to speed up our recruitment pipelines and deliver pre-qualified candidates faster.

0 upfront fees, 40% cheaper than traditional recruiters

Thanks to our proprietary recruitment technologies and existing talent pool, Huneety is better suited to fill vacancies affected by talent shortage. For our customers, this results in fees 40% cheaper compared to traditional recruiters.

90-day free replacement guaranteed

Huneety believes in talent retention and high-quality candidate matches. If for any reason your new recruit won't complete their probation period, Huneety teams will work to provide an alternative recruitment talent, for free.

We are recruitment experts driven by technology

Every recruitment project is delivered through our proprietary pre-qualification platform.

Fast and transparent candidate sourcing

Huneety has access to talent pools for jobs in tension on the job market in Asia. We deliver a shortlist of applicants to your team directly in the Huneety platform.

Select Pre-qualified candidates

We pre-qualify shortlists with Huneety assessment at no additional costs. Go beyond the candidate's resume and dive into the applicant's behavior and personality profile before the interview stage.

Interview Scheduling & Offer negotiation

We handle the recruitment steps on your behalf. We use the latest salary benchmarks and market data to leverage negotiations between your organization and the candidates.

Specialist of industrial sectors

Our team of headhunters is active across a variety of industries, with a focus on the following sectors.

FMCG and Catering
Food Ingredients and Flavourings
Food, Beverage & Feed processing
Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Manufacturing and Production

Get more with Huneety Recruitment Service

Get access to your recruitment pipeline augmented by A.I anywhere, anytime.

What you get Huneety Other recruitment agencies
Recruitment fee From 14% 16%-25%
Labor market job requirements (incl. Skills data)
Access to workspace to collaborate and see results
Unlimited Pre-employment assessments
Interviewer toolbox for recruiter
Candidate management and scheduling
Negotiation & Offering process support

Fill your vacancies and make data-driven hiring decisions

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