Best alternatives to jobsdb in Thailand

Best alternatives to jobsdb in Thailand

Huneety is Thailand's Talent matching platform powered by A.I. 

In its mission to bridge the skills gaps between the workforce and organizations in Thailand,  Huneety provides HR Technologies accessible and affordable to organizations so they can find the perfect candidates. 

“Our vision is to revolutionize the way employers connect with new and qualified talent pools, while empowering individuals to expand their career horizons based on the skills they possess”

 HR Technologies made accessible and affordable to organizations in Thailand

Huneety makes it easier and faster to find the perfect candidates by removing the uncertainty and costs associated with traditional job postings. The following principles enable Huneety's talent platform: 

  1. Fast Results: The platform provides qualified candidates to meet fast-paced hiring
  2. Empowering HR with A.I: Making HR technologies available to all organizations, harnessing the power of A.I to drive growth in the Thai economy.
  3. Enhanced Candidate Experience: Improving the candidate experience by offering transparency on the skills required for each role and candidate management features.
  4. Unbiased hiring process: Providing insights into the candidate's skills (soft skills, culture fit and hard skills) to guide an unbiased selection of your applicants. 

Huneety's approach is to integrate skills assessments seamlessly into our candidate sourcing platform, enabling you to choose the ideal talent for your organization. 

Why Huneety is the best alternative to Jobsdb in Thailand

What you get Huneety JobsDB
Jobs Posting FREE PAID
A.I job description assistant & Skills Mapping
Line Manager access to collaborate and see results
Pre-employment assessments
Interviewer toolbox for recruiter
Distribution to FREE Job board

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