Best free job sites in Thailand

Best free job sites in Thailand

Free job site, really? 

What is a Free job site exactly? 

Our definition of a free job site is a job site that helps you publish a job advertisement for free with no hidden costs for at least one job posting, and for a minimum period of 1 month. 

Before you choose a free job site in Thailand, it is important to understand what are these hidden costs to avoid. Here are some common traps you may want to avoid: 

  • 15-day trial free job posting sites: The newest form of free job site. The risk of using such a platform is to pay a subscription before you get the chance to consider all the applicants for the job.  
  • Free registration (but paid listing!): You have gone all the way in creating your company profile, but when it is time to submit the job listing you are redirected to a premium listing page. This is the most common form of hook used by so-called free job posting sites. 

Benefits of using a completely free job site in Thailand 

Using 100% free job sites allows organizations to get a fair shot at the capabilities of the platform before they engage in a premium purchase decision. If you are hiring talents in Thailand, there are a multitude of job sites to pick from. Choosing the best free job site that will yield the most results is no easy task. 

Therefore, we recommend as much as possible to go through a free job site first before you decide to upgrade for a paid plan. 

Below are the best 100% free job sites in Thailand that you can use for free, with no hidden cost. 

Best free job sites in Thailand 

  • Huneety : Huneety is Southeast Asia’s talent platform connecting employers to qualified talents. Huneety Unique’s solution is to create new talent pools of candidates to help companies navigate their talent shortage. Companies can post jobs for free and find the right talents according to culture fit, hard skills, and behaviors. 
  • Google for Jobs: Google for Jobs is a free job aggregator with advanced search functions. Google for Jobs provides free job postings from career websites and job boards and allows to display job ads at the top search of Google. Google for jobs is especially useful to find “jobs near me”. 
  • Indeed:  Indeed is the biggest job listing site. The website allows companies to publish jobs for free and also includes company reviews, as well as salary benchmarks. Creating a company account and publishing jobs is free on Indeed. Premium listing features exist for companies who want to boost their exposure on their website. 
  • Jora: Jora is simply a job-free search engine for jobs. This search engine pulls out job listings published from other websites and/or the company’s Applicant tracking systems. In addition, Jora offers up to 100 free job postings for employers. 
  • Thaijob today : Thaijob today is a free job portal in Thailand that allows employers and job searchers to connect. Thaijob helps you get a total free experience to publish jobs and collect resumes. 
  • Jobs Blognone: Jobs Blognone is a free job site in Thailand, mainly focused on the recruitment of entry-level to middle-level positions in Thailand. Job listings are mainly published in Thai. This job site presents a reliable option to publish free listings for employers. 

The best free job site in Thailand

Huneety is the best FREE job site to hire qualified candidates faster. In its 100% free version, Huneety allows you to : 

  • Publish jobs using A.I feature: Automate job descriptions and translate them into Thai language in an instant 
  • Collect applications from Huneety marketplace and your company’s recruitment channels
  • Send skills assessments to candidates: you can filter candidates according to yo your unique requirements and hire according to hard skills, behavior, and soft skills requirements. 

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