Product Manager job description template with skills and salary market rate

About this position

The Product Manager is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of product strategies, ensuring alignment with the company's goals and objectives. Reporting to the Director of Product Management, this role involves conducting market research, defining product roadmaps, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative and successful products to the market. The Product Manager will also be responsible for analyzing customer feedback and market trends to continuously improve and optimize the product portfolio.


• Develop and execute product strategies and roadmaps to drive business growth and meet customer needs.
• Conduct market research and competitive analysis to identify market trends, customer preferences, and opportunities for product innovation.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, marketing, and sales, to define product requirements and ensure successful product launches.
• Define and prioritize product features and enhancements based on customer feedback, market demand, and business goals.
• Monitor and analyze product performance metrics, such as sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction, to identify areas for improvement and drive product optimization.
• Manage the product lifecycle from ideation to retirement, including product planning, development, pricing, and positioning.
• Work closely with sales and marketing teams to develop effective product messaging, positioning, and go-to-market strategies.
• Conduct user testing and gather feedback to validate product concepts and iterate on product designs.
• Stay up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and competitor offerings to inform product development decisions.
• Act as


• Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field
• Proven experience as a product manager or in a similar role
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously


Agile methodologies
Agile Scrum
Cost control
Budgeting Cost Control Cost of goods sold Cost reduction Standard Costs Variance analysis
Market research
Competitive Analysis Market research SWOT
Product Marketing
Product Launch Product Positioning
Project management
Project Coordination Project Estimation Project Management Project Planning Project cost management Stakeholder Management
Risk Management
Risk Assessment Risk Management
Change Management
Driving change and innovation Influencing others towards change
Collaboration & Teamwork
Giving credits to others Involving others in making decisions that affect them Placing team needs above individual needs Working with others towards common goals
Communicating information
Active Listening Asking the right questions Influencing and persuading others Synthesizing information
Developing others
Coaching others to succeed Enhancing individual and professional development Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise to others
Planning and organizing
Clarifying expectations of self and others Goal setting, planning and priorization Taking timely actions to ensure obligations are met

Salary market rate for Product Manager

8,000,000 - 12,000,000 IDR per month
8,000 - 15,000 MYR per month
55,000 - 65,000 PHP per month
5,500 - 8,000 SGD per month
45,000 - 90,000 THB per month
Viet Nam
65,000,000 - 75,000,000 VND per month