Chief Supply Chain Officer

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About this position

The Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) will be responsible for developing, implementing and managing strategies and tactics to optimize the company's supply chain operations. The CSCO will be the driving force behind the company's efforts to drive cost savings, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. This role will involve managing global supply chain operations, including the sourcing of materials and services, procurement, inventory management, logistics, and distribution. The CSCO will also be responsible for developing and executing innovative strategies to improve customer service, reduce costs, and manage risk. The successful candidate will have a proven


1. Develop and implement strategies designed to optimize supply chain operations and ensure cost-effectiveness.

2. Monitor and analyze performance metrics to identify areas of improvement.

3. Develop policies and procedures to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of materials.

4. Develop and maintain relationships with external vendors and suppliers.

5. Oversee the development and implementation of new technologies to improve supply chain operations.

6. Monitor inventory levels and coordinate with purchasing and production departments.

7. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

8. Negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers to ensure cost-effectiveness.

9. Manage the logistics of material and product distribution.

10. Develop strategies to reduce supply chain costs and improve performance.


1. Minimum of 10 years of experience in supply chain management, preferably in a leadership role
2. Proven track record of success in developing and executing successful supply chain strategies
3. In-depth knowledge of global supply chain trends and best practices
4. Outstanding leadership, communication, and organizational skills
5. Ability to analyze complex data and develop innovative solutions to improve supply chain performance


Cost control
Budgeting Cost Control Cost of goods sold Cost reduction Standard Costs Variance analysis
Knowledge of business environment
Business Knowledge Feasibility Studies Market trends
Logistics Management
Partnership Development
Channel Relationship Management Partner Development Partner Relationship Management Strategic Alliances
Policy & Compliance Management
Company Policies
Procurement & Purchasing
Project management
Project Planning Project cost management Stakeholder Management


   Huneety A.I Salary Estimate
         250,000 - 350,000 THB per month