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  • Concentrix (Thailand)

    Transformation Consultant

    Concentrix (Thailand)

    Thailand | Bangkok

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    Last updated 15 hours ago

  • Tetra Pak (Indonesia)

    WCM Consultant

    Tetra Pak (Indonesia)

    Indonesia | DKI Jakarta

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    Last updated 1 month ago

Transformation Consultant

Concentrix (Thailand) (Bangkok City, Thailand)
Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭
We create game-changing customer journeys that help brands grow, across the world and into the future. We understand customers better than anyone else can. Within billions of data-points, our engineers find and harness the insight to craft experiences that touch hearts and move markets. We believe in creating experiences that go beyond Wow; combining human talent with artificial intelligence to design, build and run truly integrated customer journeys, at scale, across the entire enterprise. Whether you’re a small company with big ideas or a leading global brand, we’re not just your next-door neighbor, we’re everyone’s, everywhere. It doesn’t matter if your customer journey spans channels, technology, or even oceans – we’ve got you covered. We’re behind the scenes of the brands you rely on every day. So chances are, we’ve already met!
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Job function: Consulting

About this position

The Transformation Consultant will work with clients to align people, processes, and technology with business strategies for future success. They will be responsible for reshaping processes, transforming organizations, and using enabling technology effectively.


• Co-innovate with clients to outline transformation roadmaps.
• Support delivery, account management, and sales teams in problem-solving and driving business growth.
• Opportunity Identification by conducting detailed Process Discoveries & Customer Journey Mapping.
• Develop Innovative solutions to address people, process, and technology opportunities.
• Lead innovation-related discussions with clients during various meetings and engagements.
• Work closely with project management, IT, delivery teams to implement solutions and monitor results.
• Create a culture of problem-solving through training.
• Identify new technologies to improve business processes.
• Improve existing technology assets by contributing to refining product backlogs and supporting POCs.


• 4-6 Years of overall experience.
• Comprehensive understanding of Business Process Service & CX business & associated channels.
• Strong expertise in industries/domains like Automotive, BFSI, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Public Sector, Healthcare Services, Insurance, Media & Communications, Retail & eCommerce, Technology, and Travel, Transportation & Tourism.
• Solution Building – Business Transformation Roadmaps.
• Transformation / Process Re-engineering (RPA, Cognitive, Bots, Messaging, Analytics, Lean / Six Sigma).
• Strong understanding of AI enabled Conversation Bots (Chat Bots, Email Bots, Social Bots, Knowledge Bots, etc).
• Expertise in conducting Process Discoveries & write Process Design Documents.
• Lean Six Sigma BB / MBB Certification.
• Agile/ Scrum Certification.
• Experience in Organization Change Management.
• Experience in Agile Methodology.
• Experience in Customer Journey Mapping.
• Very good understanding of.


Huneety A.I Salary Estimate
70,000 - 150,000 THB per month