Huneety launches Thailand’s Industrial Virtual Career Fair in June to support companies recruiting the next generation of manufacturing talents.

Huneety launches Thailand’s Industrial Virtual Career Fair in June to support companies recruiting the next generation of manufacturing talents.

Reach the next generation of industrial talents

Enhancing employment for the next generation of talents in Bangkok and Eastern Corridor. 

As part of its mission to address Thailand's talent shortage, Huneety launches the first Thailand Virtual Career Fair in June 2024 to help connect thousands of job seekers with opportunities in the industrial and manufacturing sector. This initiative aligns with the Thai government's 2030 goals to develop the economy through the industrialization of key sectors, such as positioning Thailand as a global Agriculture Food Hub, aviation hub, logistics hub, and Future Mobility and EV Manufacturing center. The career fair is designed to facilitate rapid connections between young graduates and organizations over the month of June.

A virtual fair catered for young graduates and students looking for internships in the engineering field. 

“In today’s market, young graduates often struggle to determine which type of job could be suitable for their career. Traditional job boards expect you to know exactly what type of job you want, when in reality, you simply wish to explore your possible career options. At Huneety, our mission is to present all the possibilities of jobs that match their field of studies. We understand that young graduates come with limited work experience in the job market. We do not want this to be a barrier to their employment. That's why we emphasize the importance of soft skills to enhance their employability with hiring companies." Simon Carvi, CEO of Huneety

Before the virtual fair, engineering students and young graduates can find jobs. Huneety has launched a browser helping to effectively match the field of studies to prospective  jobs. Click here to access the page.

The largest social media hiring event

To ensure access to jobs to a wider audience, Huneety is dedicating an entire month for talents to apply to their targeted jobs. This virtual fair approach will accommodate students, ensuring their access to job opportunities without any onsite obligations. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms will enhance visibility to over 1 million people in Bangkok and the Eastern corridor of Thailand. Huneety will also rely on universities, institutions and chambers of commerce to relay the event to their respective student networks.

Supporting Talent matching with Huneety AI Matching platform

Huneety will facilitate the mass collection of candidates' resumes and match them to suitable jobs. The platform is designed to eliminate bias and ensure fair recruitment practices, providing equal access to job opportunities. Huneety's philosophy for hiring young graduates is 'Hire for behavior, train for skills.' The platform will assist recruiting companies in mapping their soft skills requirements, enabling them to effectively prioritize the shortlisting of candidates based on desired behaviors. 

Companies interested to use Huneety AI Talent Matching platform to hire young graduates can contact our team at [email protected] 

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