Candidate rejection email with template

While it's never easy to deliver bad news, a rejection email for job offer is a mandatory step in the hiring process. This step is usually omitted from recruiters, who prefer to focus the communication on the candidates who are currently active in the hiring process. 

By failing to inform candidates about the status of their application your risk: 

  • Damaging the employer branding of your organization 
  • Damaging your personal branding 
  • Permanently damaging the relationship with the candidate for future job offers

Why send a rejection email to candidates

While receiving the rejection email for candidates can be disappointing, it is far better than being left wondering what happened to your application status. If the recruiter proactively informs the candidate about the status of his/her application, it will reflect positively on the candidate side. It demonstrates that the employer (represented by the recruiter) shows respect for the candidate’s time and effort in the recruitment process. 

Beyond informing that the candidate has been rejected, the rejection email for the job offer also provides constructive feedback on the candidate’s application. Even if the feedback can be difficult to hear, it is likely to help the candidate improve their application and job search in the near future. 

The rejection email for candidates is the opportunity to keep a relationship with the candidate. Nurturing an engaged talent pool is a key success factor of the talent acquisition role that is often omitted. Therefore, being able to re-contact the candidate for future opportunities is strategic, especially in talent shortage times.

When to send a rejection email to candidates

Timing is key when it comes to sending a job rejection email. As soon as it's clear that a candidate is not the right fit for the role, whether due to missing qualifications or an unsuccessful interview, it's important to send the rejection email promptly. Doing so shows a level of professionalism that candidates really value, and it can help to avoid any unnecessary delays or frustrations in the hiring process. 

By communicating clearly and promptly, the recruiter can demonstrate their respect for the candidate's time and effort, and help to maintain a positive relationship between the candidate and the organization.

Rejection email (example) 

Subject : Your application at {Company name} for {Job position name}

Dear{candidate name}

Thank you for setting the time aside from your busy schedule to meet with us. It provided a good opportunity to discuss your background and our company's goals and expectations.

We had many qualified applicants like yourself and the decision was difficult to make.  We regret to inform you that we will not be proceeding with your application. We decided to go with another candidate with more {skill/qualification/experience}.

We regret that your application for this position did not yield a favorable outcome. However, we will continue to review potential employment opportunities on your behalf and shall contact you whenever a new job that matches your competencies arises. 

 There are a few {position names} for which we encourage you to apply. Visit our website at {name of the website} for information about current openings or our Facebook page {company facebook page} and click the "Like" button to receive the latest news, events, and job updates from us. 

Again, we appreciate your interest in our company and we would also like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your career. 

Kind Regards, 

{ Recruiter name}

Download the candidate rejection email in word format

Download the candidate rejection email in word format
Start communicating effectively with your candidates effectively, even during the rejection stage. Download our free candidate rejection email in word format for free and customize it in a way that makes sense for your organization.