Service Account Manager job description template with skills and salary market rate

About this position

The Service Account Manager is responsible for managing and maintaining relationships with key clients, ensuring their satisfaction and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise. This role involves collaborating with various internal teams to deliver exceptional service and support to clients. The Service Account Manager reports directly to the Director of Client Services.


• Building and maintaining strong relationships with assigned clients
• Acting as the main point of contact for clients, addressing their inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally
• Developing and implementing strategic account plans to achieve client satisfaction and business objectives
• Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless delivery of services to clients
• Identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities to maximize revenue from existing accounts
• Conducting regular business reviews with clients to assess their satisfaction and identify areas for improvement
• Monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators to measure the success of account management efforts
• Providing accurate and timely reports on account activities, sales forecasts, and market trends
• Resolving any issues or conflicts that may arise with clients, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction
• Staying updated on industry trends and competitors' activities to proactively address client needs and maintain a competitive edge


• Bachelor's degree in business administration or related field
• Proven experience in account management or customer service role
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent problem-solving and negotiation abilities
• Proficient in CRM software and Microsoft Office Suite


Contract management
Contract Terms
Customer Management
Client Relations Client management Customer Success Key account management
Lead Management
Cross Sell Up Sell
Maintenance & Repair
Electrical Repairs Hydraulic system repair Maintenance equipment Mechanical Repair Preventive Maintenance
Project management
Project Coordination Stakeholder Management
Revenue Generation
Customer Orientation
Demonstrating positive attitude towards resolution Solving customer issues within timelines Understanding customer needs
Problem solving
Identifying and anticipating problems Making fact based decisions to solve problems
Relationship Building
Establishing rapport and building trust Nurturing long term relationships

Salary market rate for Service Account Manager

12,000,000 - 15,000,000 IDR per month
8,000 - 15,000 MYR per month
30,000 - 64,000 PHP per month
6,200 - 9,300 SGD per month
70,000 - 200,000 THB per month
Viet Nam
108,000,000 - 362,400,000 VND per month