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What are KPIs

KPI is an acronym for Key Performance Indicators. KPIs are a popular way for organizations and managers to assess the performance of a project, an individual, a team even the whole organization! It is common for KPIs to “cascade” from larger corporate objectives. It helps managers to quantify and evaluates the contribution of each individual to reach department and organizational goals.

KPIs need to be S.M.A.R.T to deliver the best results:

  • Specific, should be narrow enough that it is clear for the employee what needs to be done.
  • Measurable, can be quantifiable! It’s important to include a detail of the data source and calculation to avoid later ambiguities.
  • Attainable, should be achievable by the employee with the required effort.
  • Relevant, should be part of a larger purpose or company strategy. For that reason KPIs are often embedded in OKRs frameworks.
  • Time-bound, KPIs typically run for the calendar year, but you can customize those dates as you see fit!

It can be challenging to get ideas of good and fair KPIs for your team, therefore we provide on this page a library of more than 450 KPIs to quickly roll out in your organization.

Why linking KPIs to Competencies is important

Despite spending a lot of money on large learning libraries and Learning Management Systems (LMS), many organizations fail to get buy-in from their employees to learn skills. More often than not, the learning provided is not connected to the individual performance objectives of the employees, who are more likely to commit to learning whenever the training provided has a real impact on their job performance.

A common hurdle faced by HR is to link performance management targets to Learning and Development, in order to measure the ROI of their learning programs.

By making sure your KPIs are connected to a skill or a competency, you will have better buy-in from the employees to learn and perform, better performance measurement of your Learning and development programs, and better chances to spot relevant learning opportunities if the performance is not at the expected level.

What types of KPIs are available in the library

The library includes more than unique 450 KPIs ready to roll-out in your organization:

  • HR KPIs
  • Marketing KPIs
  • Sales KPIs
  • General Management KPIs
  • Project Management KPIs
  • Safety KPIs
  • and much more!

About Huneety KPIs

At Huneety we like KPIs to be connected to learning opportunities, therefore our library is sortable by competencies.

Each KPI features:

  • A title
  • A definition
  • A calculation example
  • An associated Competency

Download free KPI library

Download free KPI library
Build your corporate library of OKR / KPI / Goals for every department by importing the Huneety library. The library includes KPIs for most departments including Management, Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Logistics. More than 400 goals with detailed calculation are available. Available in 3 languages (English, Thai, Indonesian) and free to download.