Head of Sales job description template with skills and salary market rate

About this position

The Head of Sales position provides a great opportunity for a highly motivated and energetic individual to join a successful and growing company as a leader in our sales department. The ideal candidate will have strong business acumen, proven sales experience, and the ability to build and maintain relationships with customers. The Head of Sales will lead and mentor a team of sales representatives and be responsible for developing and executing sales strategies to increase revenue and market share. This position provides a competitive salary and benefits package.


1. Develop and implement strategies to increase sales revenue and customer base
2. Establish and track sales performance metrics, including revenue, customer conversion, and customer satisfaction
3. Direct daily operations within the sales team, including recruiting, training, and managing employees
4. Build relationships with potential clients, industry partners, and other key stakeholders
5. Oversee the development and execution of sales campaigns, promotions, and initiatives
6. Monitor and respond to customer feedback and sales trends
7. Generate and analyze reports to identify areas of improvement and potential growth opportunities
8. Create budgets and manage resources to ensure sales goals are met
9. Develop sales strategies to ensure customer loyalty and customer retention
10. Implement industry best practices to ensure efficient and effective sales processes


• At least 5 years of experience in sales and/or marketing
• Proven track record of successful sales
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• The ability to develop and implement effective sales strategies
• Analytical and problem-solving skills to identify opportunities and challenges


Customer Management
Client Relations Client management Key account management
Growth Strategies
Business Development Growth Strategies Sales Strategy
Knowledge of business environment
Business Knowledge Consumer trends Industry trends Market trends
Partnership Development
Strategic Partnerships
Revenue Generation
Sales forecasts
Sales presentations
Sales Pitch Sales Presentations
Value selling
Solution Selling Value Selling
Communicating information
Active Listening Asking the right questions Influencing and persuading others
Developing others
Coaching others to succeed Enhancing individual and professional development Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise to others
Closing deals Leading win-win discussions
Relationship Building
Growing network and relationships Nurturing long term relationships

Salary market rate for Head of Sales

17,000,000 - 43,000,000 IDR per month
15,000 - 25,000 MYR per month
58,000 - 72,000 PHP per month
14,000 - 19,500 SGD per month
150,000 - 300,000 THB per month
Viet Nam
120,000,000 - 230,000,000 VND per month