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90% of companies do not manage to spend their L&D budget due to resource constraints or lack of management buy-in. But in the meantime, upskilling could be used to retain your best elements and boost performance.

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Free Resources for HR professionals

Hiring Guides
by positions ๐Ÿ†•

For HR Managers,
Talent Acquisition,
and Line managers.

Technology is continuously impacting the skills one requires for a position. Similarly, companies are putting greater emphasis on behaviors. Find out which skills and behaviors you need for your next recruitment.

Employee Turnover
Cost Calculator ๐Ÿ†•

For CHROs,
HR Directors,
Talent Acquisition managers

For many companies, employee turnover is an operational reality, but its financial impact remains underestimated. Use our calculator to find out exactly how much employee turnover is costing your organization. Generate a report for your management.

Sales Skills
2022 Report

For HR professionals,
Sales Directors and
Sales Excellence Managers.

Old ways of selling get disrupted, but sales budget keep going up. In this document we explore the skills required to build a future-proof sales team. Based on more than 23,000 sales positions analyzed in Southeast Asia.

Ultimate guide
to Skills Taxonomies

For CHROs,
HR Directors,
and Training managers

Sales taxonomies are used to document all the know-how to make your company run, and your department performs. In this document, we analyze what Skills Taxonomies are, how to build them and keep them up to date.

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