Make skills your company’s competitive advantage.

Southeast Asia’s first Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
with 🇹🇭 🇮🇩 🇻🇳 language support.

Leverage skills data to develop your workforce. 

Match E-Learning content to performance goals with A.I recommendations. 

Feeling short on HR resources?

Southeast Asia’s first
Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

designed to empower small organizations to learn more and better.


Directions for the future of skills.

It’s 2021, firms are working overtime to cope with market disruptions. Do you use this crisis to really transform the way you are doing things? Huneety’s skill taxonomy helps you understand the skills you need to evolve.


Aggregated learning content to save you time.

We have gathered for you the best learning content and activities ideas of the Internet. All available in one platform. Explore and find the perfect fit for your company in term of content, language or budget.


Execute and monitor learning activities

You now have identified learning ideas for your employees, time to put things in motion. Use Huneety’s light LMS to assign and follow the learning activities of your team. Make learning a habit, and see things change for the best.

Good for companies, good for HR, good for employees!
Build your teams, empower individuals and start transforming your organization today.

Time for action

90% of companies do not manage to spend their L&D budget due to resource constraints or lack of management buy-in. Do not let this impact your employee retention and business performance. Get some inspirations from our Position and Skill libraries today.

Understand the future of key positions
Create a balanced L&D plan for yourself or your teams
Get better at executing your L&D plan and budget

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development

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The future of skills is what inspires us.

Are you a HR professional? A L&D provider? Looking to learn a new skill?