Upskilling your teams doesn’t need to be a time consuming project.

We automate repetitive L&D tasks for
more precise planning and faster rollouts.

Smart Skills Building methodology
made for the future of work

designed to help companies spot skill gaps and focus their L&D efforts.


Build a customized
Skills Taxonomy.

Huneety gives you a headstart with a pre-loaded taxonomy. Use our platform to collaborate internally or with consultants to build your very own customized skills framework. 


Map the requirements
of each position.

Using A.I, Huneety accelerates your skills mapping by connecting your very own skills taxonomy to jobs at your company. What used to take weeks, now is done in minutes.

Assess talents,
hunt for skill gaps.

Huneety facilitates data collection from employee assessments. Analyze your employee skills level and strategize L&D efforts to bridge the skill gaps. 

Time for action

90% of companies do not manage to spend their L&D budget due to resource constraints or lack of management buy-in. Do not let this impact your employee retention and business performance. It’s time to reconnect L&D and company’s performance.

Map the skills that move your company
Highlight skill gaps in teams or individuals to focus on
Launch L&D actions and track skills progress over time

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development

They talk about us


The future of skills is what inspires us.

Are you a HR professional? A L&D provider? Looking to learn a new skill?