Careers at Huneety / Learning Content Specialist (Thai language), Remote

Careers at Huneety / Learning Content Specialist (Thai language), Remote

Hiring a Learning Content Specialist!
Thai Speaking/Writing – Remote

Join Huneety,

Thailand’s first startup focused on Learning & Development and future of work at SMEs. We mix HR and the world of Big Data to help companies upskill in a smart way. We do what we preach, here is what you can expect: learning every week, having fun at work, collaboration with positive people and remote work if you like it.

Your mission as Huneety’s Learning Content Specialist is to replace noise with structure by identifying what skills to learn, and how to develop them.

Do you have…

  • A passion for the topic of Learning & Development.
  • Content writing skills in English and Thai language.
  • The will to work in fast purpose-driven company with a positive impact on societies.
Here at Huneety, L&D teams are the operational core of the company, not a sideshow. Gain experience quickly on diverse L&D projects working with customers across various industries.

Main duties

1. Content creation

  • Manage new positions on Huneety website. Thanks to your own research, analyse and input the main Competencies/Skills required. (Supported by our Data Scientist).
  • Manage Huneety Skill Taxonomy. Analyse gaps in Skills in our Competency and Skill library and create them if necessary. (Supported by our HR expert).
  • Identify key topics for content creation. Write and publish articles that drive interest and traffic. (Supported by our Head of Marketing).
  • Identify new content providers in Thailand to be added to Huneety platform. Get in touch, gather curriculum and bring them online so their offer can be found.

2. Content localization to Thai language

  • Thai website localization. Coordinate or directly translate web pages, blog posts, reports, social media postings etc.
  • Bring Huneety skill taxonomy to Thai language. This will help SME identify what skills they need to run their L&D operations.
  • Coordinate or directly translate social media posts and articles that will support Huneety Thai SEO performance. Monitor results. (Supported by our Head of Marketing).

3. Customer support

  • Liaise with Huneety customers in Thailand once they onboarded on the platform and answer their requests : Q&A, external provider support, product feedbacks etc. (Supported by our Head of Operations).
  • Match Huneety customers enquiries with relevant external learning suppliers.
  • Attend client meetings in Thailand with Huneety management whenever required.


  • Educational background

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Human Resources Management or Marketing with a working experience in an international environment.

  • Experience

From 1 to 3 years’ experience in Learning & Development, with a practical understanding of HR role within the organization.

  • Languages

Fluent proficiency written/spoken in both English and Thai.

  • IT Skills

Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite.

Do you feel this position is a stretch for you? Don’t forget we are a learning company and are totally open to coach and help you upskill to reach your peak performance. Feel free to hit the Contact us button in any case.


To apply for this position, send your resume in PDF format or a link to your updated LinkedIn profile. We don’t require a cover letter but we will appreciate if you can add in the email a short story (keep it short and simple) about your connection to the field of Learning & Development.