Track certificationsย 

and ensure compliance ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Made for training
and compliance-focused companies

Do certifications status have an impact on your business?

Some industries like Construction, Manufacturing Quality Control, Oil & Gas, and Technology Consulting rely heavily on Certification Status to be compliant with their customers and ensure the people they send on the field operate with the right knowledge and safety levels. Juggling between dozen or certifications and employees can become a tricky task to ensure everyone remains operational and ready for dispatch.

It’s time to take control of your certification workflows.

A certification systemย  that works,
so you don’t have to

Certification follow up system

Expired or not?
Know your

How many certifications does your company operate? What is the status of each individual? When are the renewal due?

If just thinking about this kind of question gives you headaches, then you haven’t met Huneety. Get a real time view on the Human Resources available to perform tasks that require certifications, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Browse certifications and employees in the system and pull real-time reports of all employees. It now takes seconds, not hours! We make it a breeze to follow the real-time status of all your certifications, so you can spend your time on something else!

No stress:
keep control with
dashboard and notifications

For all your daily operations, use the Huneety Certification dashboard to check at a glance if any certification task requires your attention. Check Certifications that are overdue or will expire soon.

With Huneety, no need to spend time notifying team members when the end date approaches. Huneety automatically emails stakeholders such as HR and the person whose certification is due, so they can start preparing in advance. No stress!

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