Careers at Huneety / PHP developer

Careers at Huneety / PHP developer

PHP Developer
Part-time or Full-time position
Remote / Bangkok / Phuket

About Huneety

We are Southeast Asia’s first HR platform focused on upskilling. We mix HR and the world of big data to help companies succeed in their transformation journey: identifying strategic skills to work on and assessing employees strengths and skill gaps. We do what we preach, here is what you can expect: learning every week, having fun at work, collaboration with positive people and remote work.

Main duties

Collaborate on product requirements

  • Participate in weekly technical meetings.
  • Discussing product requirements with the CTO and product owner.
  • Collaborate with CTO on the roadmap and features planning.

Full stack web development

  • Develop and deploy new backend modules (authentification, user management, etc.) and front end features for a SaaS webapp platform (PHP/Laravel webapp/MySQL).
  • Develop and integrate new data visualization modules (PHP/JSON/Javascript).
  • Interact with master database schema to create robust and easy to deploy web app. Prepare Laravel migration tables for customer instances.

Testing and troubleshooting

  • Test new features in the development environment.
  • Review technical tickets of issues with the Customer Success Team and identify improvement opportunities.

Skills you will grow at Huneety

PHP Developer

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★★★☆☆  Competent
★★☆☆☆  Advanced beginner
 Project management  Project Management
Is a plus
 Communicating information  Asking the right questions Active Listening

 Database  SQL MySQL


To apply for this position, send your resume in PDF format. We don’t require a cover letter but we will appreciate if you can add in the email a short story (keep it short and simple) about a successful L&D project you have rolled out in the past.

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