Skill Taxonomy
management system

Take control over the skills that move your organization.

Why the best companies build skill taxonomies?


Identify the core skills each department needs to develop to perform at its best and make sure your teams are equipped with the tools they need.


Going through unprecedented times? Skill taxonomies serve as a canvas to plan your organization pivot towards new business models and new markets.


Best talents demand continuous development, or they will leave. Plan lifelong learning and frequent career moves to keep your teams engaged.

Taxonomies are not limited to large corporations anymore

For a long time, managing a skill taxonomy was reserved for companies with large L&D departments. By nature, taxonomies tend to reflect the complexity of your business ecosystem and the pace of change. They need to be interconnected and frequently updated.

In the past, managing a taxonomy was either synonymous with giving birth to an ultra-complex Excel spreadsheet or engineering an ultra-expensive world-leading HRMS IT project. Times have changed.

Meet your new agile
taxonomy management system

Import, organize
and collaborate

Huneety helps to get your taxonomy framework project off the ground fast. Start from our pre-loaded taxonomy or import/create your own.

Skills are dynamic! Have your whole team collaborate on a single framework in one place: add, remove, merge as you see fit. Your taxonomy can now live and remain up-to-date.

Connect, visualize, strategize

Huneety helps connect your taxonomy framework to positions and people in hours, not months. Map your entire organization thanks to our A.I skill mapping assistant and start making sense of your skill data.

Built-in features like individual spider chart visualization will allow you to spot skill gaps at individual or department levels. Thanks to aggregated job market data, understand which skills are up-and-coming, or obsolete.

Manage multilingual taxonomy

Your HR team may be fluent in English, but ultimately your taxonomy users may very well be all across the globe. Huneety sets you up to manage a fully multi-lingual taxonomy so your skills can live in Chinese, Thai, Spanish, you name it! Don’t have time to manage translations by yourself, we can automate your taxonomy translation.

Make your skill revolution. Get started.

Are you ready to make your company skill-focused?

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