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How to successfully learn ?

Training is important to succeed at your job or grow in your career? Before getting started, remember to use a blended approach.

Active Learning such as paid or free online courses (check our subtopic tags for suggestions), physical classes, reading case studies or books about will of course be useful, but not sufficient to fully master the skill and retain it in the long run. Active Learning such as online elearning classes are usually a good start, but remember they represent only 10% of your overall learning journey.

People learn better when interacting with peers, we are wired that way. Your development plan should feature Social Learning, which can be achieved internally at your company through reviews, mentoring or coaching, but can also be done externally through peer exchanges or networking. Check our development plans for examples.

Also consider putting your skills into practice, this is 70% of the learning! Discuss with your manager or colleagues ways to work on individual or group projects where you could be using , we call those Stretch assignments. If you are what those projects could look like, you can look at our position development plans for examples.

Good luck on your journey to learn .

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6 Sigma
Account Management
Accounting system
Active listening
Analytical thinking
API programming
Budget management
Business partnering
Business strategy
Career development planning
Change management
Circular economy management
Commercial Law
Communicating information
Community management
Compensation & Benefits management
Content marketing
Continuous improvement
Continuous performance management
Contract management
Control system design
Corporate finance
Corporate governance
Corporate Law
Cost control
Cross-sell and up-sell
Customer engagement
Customer experience
Data analytics & vizualization
Data programming language
Database management
Design thinking
Digital advertising
Digital marketing
Digital transformation
Dispute resolution
Financial accounting
Fostering teamwork
Governance & Policy fluency
Health Security & Environment (HSE)
HR systems
Industrial automation
Influential communication
Innovative instructional design
Knowledge of business environment
Knowledge sharing
Lean manufacturing
Learning plan management
Managing Systems
Managing vision and purpose
Manufacturing Management
Market expansion
Market research
Marketing automation
Marketing strategy
Merger & Acquisition
Operations Management
Organizational Management
People Analytics
People management
Planning and organizing
PLC programming
Press & influencers relations
Problem solving
Process analysis
Production Management
Project management
Quotation Management
Risk Management
RPA development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Shopfloor Management
Social media marketing
Strategic thinking
Strategic workforce planning
Stress management
Supply chain management
Sustainability management
System thinking
Talent Acquisition
Time estimation
Time management
Value selling
Vendor management
Virtual selling
Web content presentation